Videos on Law of Attraction

Videos on Law of Attraction

The Great Motivator

If you want to get people to take action and move, you need something that will set them in motion. I know what that something is, and after this Sunday’s talk, I think we will all have a better understanding of what drives us to bring about the kind of change this world needs. – Rev. Shad

Spirit is Your Guide Through These Uncharted Territories

Everything you have nurtured in yourself until now has set you up to be ready for this endurance test. This is not the time to shrink in the face of uncertainty, but instead grab hold of all the promises that Spirit has given you and is giving you. There has never been or ever will be someone outside of you that can tell you how to keep safe, how to stay financially on top of this, how to stay healthy,…

A Return to Divine Life

“Come to me all of you who labor and are heavy laden (weary, worried, fearful, lonely, sick, financially strapped and depressed) says the Lord of Life, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) I will open your mind and heart to a new vision of life and yourself within it.  I am the light of life within you, and I have waited long for you to turn to me for guidance, healing and love. I am also the Light of the World,…

Mind Your Words

You have a right to speak your mind. The 1st Amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights states that. However, free speech is a misnomer. All speech has consequences. Words have consequences. Thoughts have consequences. Verily they determine your inner and outer life. In this video, I will share the exact Sufi formula used to align a person’s thoughts with the Universal One God.

The Ultimate 2020 Challenge

Look into your future at what you desire in your life for the next year and put God to the test. Do this inner work as a means of awakening your innate ability of cultivating the life of your dreams. We live similar lives, year after year, because we aren’t committed to changing old behaviors and thought patterns. This creates the same results over and over. Maybe you don’t feel worthy, or you may doubt the majesty and manifesting power of…

The Power of Words

God created the universe and life as we know it with a Divine Word, and that power of creation continues on today with each word we speak, sing, sigh, yell, think or mumble. Words have creative power. If we are not continually mindful of that power, we are a mindlessly creating the life and experiences we currently have. Do you know how powerful your words are?

The Power of Giving Thanks

The Power of Giving Thanks: Why Gratitude Is Not Just for Good Times But For All Times!  What you focus on expands…for better or worse. Focus on what’s missing and outside your control and you’ll live as a hostage to self-pity and powerlessness. Focus on all the potential dangers and you’ll live as a hostage to worry and fear. Focus on what’s unfair and how you’ve been wronged and you’ll live as a hostage of resentment and revenge.  On the other…

The Power of Trusting the Universe

As we lay aside our wants, dictates and personal likes and enter into a deep connection with the Divine–through meditation, lucid dreaming, akashic writing, laying on Mother Earth–we move out of the limited human experience in which we are tossed this way and that way by each and every circumstance that comes up in our lives. By connecting through the above avenues, you can move into a vibration that lifts you into a state of awareness where nothing can throw…

Merging with the Holy Relationship

Vibrationally, all of us go through phases where we wonder why we can’t get a break with anyone or anything. We think if there is any more discord in our life, we could simply crumble. It is at times like these that the Universe is asking us to seek the kingdom within us and quiet ourselves into the silence.  There is a well of knowledge for the changing tide for anyone who is willing to leave their limited human experience and…

Fusionándose con la relación sagrada

Vibratoriamente, todos pasamos por fases en las que nos preguntamos por qué no podemos tomar un descanso con nadie ni con nada. Creemos que si hay más discordia en nuestra vida, podríamos simplemente desmoronarnos. Es en momentos como estos que el Universo nos pide que busquemos el reino dentro de nosotros y que nos quedemos callados en el silencio. Hay un pozo de conocimiento para el cambio de la marea para cualquiera que esté dispuesto a salir de su experiencia…

I Am the Door To Love Without Conditions

“I have told you that no matter how many times you have refused to enter the sanctuary, you have only to knock and the door will be opened to you. I have said to you, ‘Ask and it shall be given you,’ but you refuse to believe in me. You think that someone is counting your sins, your moments of indecision or recalcitrance — but it is not true. I say to you, brothers and sisters, ‘STOP COUNTING! Stop making…

soy la puerta al amor sin condicion

“Te dije que no importa cuántas veces te hayas negado a entrar en el santuario, solo tienes que tocar y la puerta se te abrirá. Te he dicho: ‘Pide y se te dará’, pero te niegas a creer en mí. Piensas que alguien está contando tus pecados, tus momentos de indecisión o recalcitación, pero no es cierto. Les digo, hermanos y hermanas, ‘¡DEJEN DE CONTAR! Deja de poner excusas, deja de fingir que la puerta está cerrada. Estoy aquí en…

YO SOY: moldeando tu propia realidad

“YO SOY” son dos de las palabras más poderosas, porque lo que ponen después de ellas dan forma a su realidad. Está escrito en el Diccionario Bíblico Metafísico: “El YO SOY es el nombre metafísico del ‘yo espiritual’, tal como se distingue del yo humano. Uno está gobernado por el Espíritu, el otro por voluntad personal. YO SOY es eterno, sin principio o final: la verdadera persona espiritual que Dios hizo a su imagen y semejanza “. Si tomamos un…

I Am: Shaping Your Own Reality

“I AM” are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shape your reality. It is written in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary: “The I AM is the metaphysical name of the ‘spiritual self,’ as distinguished from the human self. One is governed by Spirit, the other by personal will. I AM is eternal, without beginning or ending: the true spiritual person whom God made in His image and likeness.” If we take a moment and meditate…

The Transformation is Upon Us

The Transformation is Upon Us! Like everyone who came to me last Sunday when I mentioned the subject of this Talk, I’m asking you to email and text your family members and friends inviting them to watch what will be the most powerful, mind-transforming Talk ever shared at Unity, any Unity, any church or spiritual center anywhere. Yes! In stating this, I am not bragging or exaggerating. As Promised, Jack Groverland

I Am Here as a Joyful Creator

“I Am Here as a Joyful Creator,” by Syntysche Groverland. Joy has an attracting quality. Find something you have joy about in your life and ponder and bask in that vibration today and watch how Spirit’s answers to your questions start to appear, through visions, whispers, intuitive hits in your heart. And continue and deepen this connection by listening to this sermon, for a heart lifting talk by Syntysche Groverland, our powerful in-house Prosperity Minister for the last 14 years.

No Absence of Good

“No Absence of Good.” Sermon by Syntysche Groverland. Your good has not left you. No matter how much life’s experiences want to convince you that your good is in the past, the good inside of you has not left, and more good experiences are yet to come. The goodness of Spirit is always expressing through us and is a part of the spark that lights our path, through visions, insights, dreams and “AH-HA” moments of inspiration. Any absence of good is in the eyes of the beholder, not in the loving nature of our Creator.
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