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‘The Ego’s Place In God’s Plan’

Without the impetus of the ego perception there would be no free will, no reason for choice and nothing would get done, good or bad. Thus, our quest for the enlightened awareness and life does not entail obliterating the ego, but rather utilizing it for manifesting good and worthwhile projects in the world. In essence, the quest for enlightenment and a life of personal fulfillment and peace requires the practice of ‘mindfulness’ which maintains the ego as a servant of…

‘How to Find the Joy of Life’

Some people try to find it in alcohol or drugs. Some try to find it in promiscuous sex, while others try to find it in the material things money can buy. Some try gambling, traveling, shopping, TV, surfing, the web, eating or gossip. All of the above will fail to bring true and lasting joy, momentary or fleeting pleasures perhaps, but not true Joy which can only be attained through Personal Transformation into your True Self. At Unity’s 9AM MST…

‘The Universe IS a Green Dragon: A New Way of Thinking’ at Unity of Boulder (4-16-23)

Please DONATE to Unity of Boulder: https://unityofboulder.com/donate/so we can keep these videos going! Thank you & Blessings! “The Universe IS a Green Dragon!”A Spiritual Talk Given by Guest Speaker Steve Hays“Our emergent cosmos is the fundamental context for all discussions of value, meaning, purpose, or ultimacy of any sort. … Only by establishing ourselves within this context can we begin to discover the meaning and significance of ordinary things.” – Brian Swimme (Author of ‘The Universe Is A Green Dragon’)…

Is It Really Worth It?

How often do we hear that we should be more mindful, more positive, do affirmations, pray, meditate and have a more dedicated spiritual practice?  If we are active in our Unity Community we probably hear it a lot, but what we might not be hearing is “Why?” Why bother with spiritual practice when there are so many other exciting things we could be doing!? This is a great question that Rev. Shad will address in this video.

The Brakes Have Come Off

Notice how birds land on a branch – with absolute trust. They trust that the branch will move with them as they land and then stabilize. You can do the same too. What if your “landing” isn’t what you expected and you wobble? Does that mean you will fall? Hardly! Even gymnasts land in a way that forces them to deal with their weight and forward movement. You are strong and can do the same.  Recognizing that movement when you land is a natural and helpful…

What’s On Your Mind?

People living in the ego-centric definition of life are often afraid to reveal what they are thinking, unless it’s another opportunity to talk smack or gossip about others. Such unfortunate egos don’t realize how their negative impressions are creating turmoil within themselves.  A person suffering from chronic, negative awareness needs more than the anxiety within to cause a change of mind. Usually, the person needs a spiritual wake up call, or personal counseling. The object of the counselor is to help…

The Secret of Personal Transformation

According to the teachings of the spiritual masters, the True Self of God exists within everyone. In Christianity this True Self is Christ. In Buddhism this True of Core Nature is called Buddha Nature. In Hindu Spirituality it is called Brahman. Every major religion has a special name for the True Self of every person. This is all very promising, but it is useless unless we know how to access this nature and bring it forth into our lives. No…

Simplicity. Patience. Compassion.

The ancient Chinese Sage, Lao-tze who lived around 550 BC summed up “The Way” (Tao) of the Enlightened Life with these three words: SIMPLICITY. PATIENCE. COMPASSION. Why and how they work is the topic of this video.

Transcending All Authorities

No one becomes enlightened in a flash, or “overnight,” as they say. It is a process you sign up for which invites the unseen master in you to take charge of your conscious and subconscious beliefs. Eventually your conscious mind becomes one with the Divine (Master’s) mind in you — your higher or True Self. In the enlightenment process one constant Truth must be claimed and held onto in order to achieve your goal. In this video, Rev. Jack will be revealing this Truth!

The Secret to Enlightened Happiness

In this video, we will prove to all just how happiness works — taking our lead from modern day Master Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. “The world will tell you that success is achieving what you set out to do. It will tell you that success is winning, that finding recognition and/or prosperity are essential ingredients in any success. All or some of the above are usually by-products of success, but they are not…

A Life Out of Focus

If we don’t choose what to focus on in life, life will choose it for us. This is a “no bueno” situation that we must change.

Spirit is Your Guide Through These Uncharted Territories

Everything you have nurtured in yourself until now has set you up to be ready for this endurance test. This is not the time to shrink in the face of uncertainty, but instead grab hold of all the promises that Spirit has given you and is giving you. There has never been or ever will be someone outside of you that can tell you how to keep safe, how to stay financially on top of this, how to stay healthy,…

What Happened on Saturday?

We probably all know about Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but what happened on Saturday? I think Saturday was the most important day in that weekend and there is very little mention of it anywhere. In this Saturday message, we will reveal what happened on THAT Saturday.

The Life Transforming Power of Truth

When referring to his disciples, The Master of Life and Truth prayed, “I pray not that Thou should take them out of the world, but that Thou should keep them from the evil one.” (the ego?) ~ John 17:15 From passages such as the above, we can conclude that there is an evil one in the world that has to be reckoned with. In the book of Genesis the evil one is the serpent who beguiles mankind to eat the…

Eating Your Way to God

For thousands of years there has been conversation around how diet affects our relationship to God. In modern times we have come to a better understanding of how diet affects our minds and bodies, but do we know any more about how it relates to our spiritual well-being?

Be Transformed Now

Clarified from the original scripture in Romans 12:2: “Do not be conformed to the thinking of the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove to yourself (by direct experience) what is the enlightened will of God, what will bring peace, healing and goodness to your life now.” The wisdom of two present-day masters will be related on the fast way to the Enlightened Consciousness. At the core of your being is your True…

Sex and Spirituality

Sex is a powerful thing! With the ability to create life and destroy politicians, we have all seen sex in its most beautiful and ugliest expressions. So what is the role of sex in our lives, especially for those of us on the spiritual path? Join us to find out.

12 Powers in You

Innate within each of us are the 12 power centers designed to facilitate our spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to use them or are completely unaware of them. This results in a life lacking the energy and focus to excel. In this talk, we will reveal these powers and learn how they can awaken in our lives.
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