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Videos on Purpose

Are You Content?

These are the words my husband asked me the other night out of nowhere. It’s amazing how a simple question can open the faucet and flood you with so many emotions. I didn’t answer, but the tears that filled my eyes said it all. Or did they? I know he wasn’t asking about our relationship because of the conversation we were having before this question. I sat with it. It was such an awe-inspiring question. I went back and forth with all…

Your Divine Calling

Due to the worldwide Coronavirus shutdown, a considerable number of people have been advanced in consciousness. It’s going to become evident to these people that they are in the world at this time for a Divine Purpose. Having gained this understanding, they will easily start living an Enlightened Life as servants of the One Divine Intelligence which is in all and through all of us. Being called into this service is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. To…

A Life Out of Focus

If we don’t choose what to focus on in life, life will choose it for us. This is a “no bueno” situation that we must change.

The Great Wake-Up Call

Going through this time of isolation for people, I have observed how it is manifesting in many different ways for them. Because I am in the work of helping people through this unprecedented time through counseling, support groups and sermons, I get a unique view of how human beings handle life in the midst of a crisis or a blessing, however you would personally word it, without any say or control of how it all will play out or end.…

Keeping Your Promises with Yourself: Making the Shift

So many of us spend much of our life distracted and busied by the wants and needs of others. We say to ourselves that one day we will do this or that in our lives. We look forward to that distant point in the future when the whole world will open up and let go of its grip on us and the time will be at hand for adventure, self-love and personal dreams fulfilled. But it has never been about…

Rev. Syntysche’s Birthday Message for You

Rev. Syntysche gives a personal and expansive talk about the beauty and the creative power of God. And how this energy has shown up in her life – from her early years as the daughter of ministers, to the awakening process of answering her own calling to do God’s work.  I have always taken my birthday off for rest, but this year, I feel guided to invite all of you for an intimate gathering of story-telling and sharing, laughter and…

The Power of Trusting the Universe

As we lay aside our wants, dictates and personal likes and enter into a deep connection with the Divine–through meditation, lucid dreaming, akashic writing, laying on Mother Earth–we move out of the limited human experience in which we are tossed this way and that way by each and every circumstance that comes up in our lives. By connecting through the above avenues, you can move into a vibration that lifts you into a state of awareness where nothing can throw…

Healing Our Religious Past

I want to share with you a personal story of deep transformation and a series of difficult events that led to me finding my path and gaining clarity into my true purpose. Through sharing this story, I will also be giving you a set of tools to help you do the same… and as a side benefit, you will leave with a much clearer understanding of what the Unity movement is all about. Join me and let’s grow together. In…

The Call of the Mystic: Part 3

The Call of the Mystic: Part 3 of the Talk Series. I have been a Prosperity Teacher for over 16-years, teaching the tools of the Law of Attraction, what we hold in thought, what we affirm to be, the vibration we hold around any certain circumstance or feeling we will attract back to us. Well this goes against the Mystic’s calling or does it? In this Sermon, I pick apart the truth between these two powerful paths and I will demonstrate how they are more alike than not alike.

The Call of the Mystic: Part 2

Week two of the talk series “The Call of the Mystic” by Shad Groverland. Is your God big enough? Using the human mind to try and comprehend the vastness of God, is likely an impossible task. Even so, we continue attempt to do just that,

The Call of the Mystic: Part 1

What is a Mystic? People say that a mystic is someone who dreams and who lives in the clouds; my answer to this is that the real mystic stands on earth, but his head is in heaven. It is not true that the wise man is not intellectual, or that the wise man is not clever. A clever man is not necessarily wise, but the one who has the higher knowledge has no difficulty in gaining knowledge of worldly things. It is the man who has knowledge of worldly things only who has great difficulty in absorbing the higher knowledge.