Videos on Meditation

Videos on Meditation

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

My gymnastics coach used to say, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, it is perfect practice that makes perfect!” After a lifetime of spiritual practice, I now know what he meant and look forward to sharing it with you.

What’s On Your Mind?

People living in the ego-centric definition of life are often afraid to reveal what they are thinking, unless it’s another opportunity to talk smack or gossip about others. Such unfortunate egos don’t realize how their negative impressions are creating turmoil within themselves.  A person suffering from chronic, negative awareness needs more than the anxiety within to cause a change of mind. Usually, the person needs a spiritual wake up call, or personal counseling. The object of the counselor is to help…

Simplicity. Patience. Compassion.

The ancient Chinese Sage, Lao-tze who lived around 550 BC summed up “The Way” (Tao) of the Enlightened Life with these three words: SIMPLICITY. PATIENCE. COMPASSION. Why and how they work is the topic of this video.

Mindfulness to the Mastery of Life

One fascinating dialogue in Shakespeare’s Hamlet concludes with this statement by Hamlet, “Be it resolved then, there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Most people, it seems, go a long time seeking outside themselves for the meaning of life, in an effort to figure out how to live effectively, successfully, and happily ever after. Of course, they all will fail in their quest unless or until they seek to see the relationship their own thinking has…

Not Enough

At our Friday noon Coffee Talk with the Ministers (on Zoom) we posed the topic: How are we all dealing with the mandate of “self home confinement?” which surfaced the problem of boredom. I brought up the idea that maybe the coronavirus pandemic may have derived from the Divine Intention to cut us off from the many outer directed delights and distractions of the physical life. To offer us the opportunity to explore the internal spiritual life.  Here’s master, Eckhart Tolle, explaining…

The Mystical Truth of the Christmas Story

If Christmas has no other foundation save in sentimentality, pleasant carols and department store imagery, then there is no hope of happiness and peace for you and no hope for our un-sick world. Never before have people been more in need of knowing the mystical revelations in the Christmas Story. These revelations will be accompanied by a life-transforming meditation.

The Great Awakening

We humans are in the process of Awakening from the “dark night of the soul.” As you will see in the coming months and the years to follow amazing advances in human understanding, applying mystic and spiritual principles to solve mankind’s most pressing problems. Right now many of the Awakened insights are curtailing global warming. Learning to awaken, we all can heal personal problems of every kind. Learn how to awaken from your concerns, fears and limitations. As always, we…

Merging with the Holy Relationship

Vibrationally, all of us go through phases where we wonder why we can’t get a break with anyone or anything. We think if there is any more discord in our life, we could simply crumble. It is at times like these that the Universe is asking us to seek the kingdom within us and quiet ourselves into the silence.  There is a well of knowledge for the changing tide for anyone who is willing to leave their limited human experience and…

Fusionándose con la relación sagrada

Vibratoriamente, todos pasamos por fases en las que nos preguntamos por qué no podemos tomar un descanso con nadie ni con nada. Creemos que si hay más discordia en nuestra vida, podríamos simplemente desmoronarnos. Es en momentos como estos que el Universo nos pide que busquemos el reino dentro de nosotros y que nos quedemos callados en el silencio. Hay un pozo de conocimiento para el cambio de la marea para cualquiera que esté dispuesto a salir de su experiencia…

Do This First

Many of us wonder why we don’t get the results we are seeking in life. In this talk, find out why and what you can do about it.