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‘The Universe IS a Green Dragon: A New Way of Thinking’ at Unity of Boulder (4-16-23)

Please DONATE to Unity of Boulder: https://unityofboulder.com/donate/so we can keep these videos going! Thank you & Blessings! “The Universe IS a Green Dragon!”A Spiritual Talk Given by Guest Speaker Steve Hays“Our emergent cosmos is the fundamental context for all discussions of value, meaning, purpose, or ultimacy of any sort. … Only by establishing ourselves within this context can we begin to discover the meaning and significance of ordinary things.” – Brian Swimme (Author of ‘The Universe Is A Green Dragon’)

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The Body Builder

Where does the human body come from? Most of us don’t really know…exactly. When children ask, “Where do babies come from?” our answers tend to be evasive or misleading because even as adults, we just don’t really know. Forget the stork or the birds and the bees, let’s talk about the origin of the human body. 

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Divine Intelligence

Scientists are beginning to discover that the universe might not only be intelligent, but may also be self-aware. If you knew the universe and everything in it was self-aware, would it change the way you live?

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