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‘Curiosity is a Key Factor towards Awakening’

THIS WEEK: Curiosity is a Key Factor towards AwakeningWhen we stop being curious, we dam up the possibility of a new age, a new creation or dreaming a new world into being. Special Guest Musicians: Susan & Celia Bockhoff WATCH LIVE AT: unityofboulder.com unity #unityboulder #inclusivespirituality #newthought #newage #spiritualexeperience #spiritualcuriosity #notlikechurch #opensourcereligion #womeninministry #spiritualjourney #spiritualpath #spiritualityboulder #boulderchurches #inclusivecommunity #belove Unity of Boulder is a progressive multifaith inclusive spiritual community that embraces diversity, community, acceptance and the Truth of Love that…

‘What is Life Transforming Love?’

A Spiritual Talk Given by Jack Groverland& Tibetan Singing Bowls performed by Norma Bigtree THIS WEEK: What is Life Transforming Love? Life-transforming love is not an emotion involving anyone else but yourself. It is best described as a state of consciousness or awareness. This is the love the Master was always referring to in the Gospels. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 19:19(for your neighbor is part of your self.)“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I…

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