Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community


Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.

Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center facilitates the modern day quest for personal transformation. Unity’s fully diversified programs include Sunday services, weekly classes, meditations and discussion groups. We use the inspired writings and teachings of enlightened people of every historical period and culture. Unity acknowledges God (or Spirit) as the omnipresent, creative and healing source within each and every person.

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The Sunday 9am Service will be in person and Live-Streamed and Led by Jack & Norma Groverland.

The Sunday 11am Service will be in person and Live-Streamed and Led by Syntysche Groverland.

The Mid-Week Wednesday Meditation Service Will Be in person and Live-Streamed at 7pm.

event schedule

ACIM-Perennials Group Square-01
A Course In Miracles Perennials Study Group
Yoga For Everyone Square-01
Yoga for Everyone
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Feldenkrais Lessons

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Unity is a non-profit spiritual center that relies solely on the donations of the people who make this spiritual community possible. We appreciate your support! Make a one-time donation, or set up a recurring donation by clicking below.

Unity Community Blog

‘Secrets to Living a Successful Life’ Class Series

Learn the secrets of a successful life in this comprehensive series for practicing the skills for personal growth & expansion in your life! Learn how to practice the secrets to personal success with Zoilita Grant of mindset-for-success.org in this 5 week class series that begins Tuesday, April 9th. The class gathers weekly on Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm. Registration is $100 ($20/class) and pre-registration is required. Register online here CLASS SERIES DESCRIPTION: Week #1 The Magic of Time  Mastery Learn how to get

Monthly Community Potluck

February 4th at 12pm. This Month’s Theme: Indigenous Heritage. We’re planning a potluck ! And Everyone’s Invited to Attend! Would you help us ? Bring a Dish to Share? Mark your calendars for this extra-special event.  We’ll be bringing some authentic cuisine and we hope you will bring something to share too.   Don’t know what to bring?  Call us and we’ll make a suggestion.  Side dishes, Salads, Desserts and Snackables are welcome! If you’d like to help prepare, we have

Living In Connection: Energy Calibration & RoXiva Light & Neurotherapy

Sessions with Sage & Convergence Healer Sebastian Watts are available as one on one sessions Saturday Feb 3rd from 9am-5pm AND Sunday Feb 4th from 1pm-6pm at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center (Boulder, Colorado) Cost: $130 for 72 min. Therapy Sessions must be reserved in advance. Reserve a Session Here Introducing Sebastian Watts: A visiting Guest Healer from Costa Rica, a Divine Sage of Healing for over 25 years, Sebastian brings a gift to us that can only be identified

Group Healing Light Activation

Sessions with Convergence Healer Sebastian Watts / Friday, February 9th / 2 Group Sessions: 1pm & 2:30pm / COST: $50 per person Special Group Light Activation Therapy Sessions with Sebastian Watts are being offered Friday, Feb 9th at 1pm & 2:30pm. Space is limited to 3 people per group. The RoXiva Light is a device that combines stroboscopic white light with sound to gently guiding you on an immersive experience, inducing a relaxed or inspired state of mind. Inquire in