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Sunday August 22nd is our Welcome Back Sunday Celebration and the start of a brand new Spiritual Year at Unity of Boulder! Everyone is welcome to join us for the fun we have planned today.


“Proof of the Divine”

‘Proof of the Divine: What Woo-Woo Moms Have Taught Me’Woo-Woo Moms are moms who never believed in anything “woo-woo” until their child crossed into the Divine and then came back vividly through visions, dreams, signs and conversations. These experiences forever changed their understanding of reality, showed them the importance of a heart-centered life, and gave them personal proof of and spiritual connection to the divine.

“A Vaccine For The Soul”

From ‘A Course In Miracles’ (ACIM,Old Text) pg. 203–New Edition, pg. 218:“Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth. If to love oneself is to heal oneself, those who are sick do not love themselves. Therefore, they are asking for the love that would heal them, but which they are denying to themselves. If they knew the truth about themselves they could not be sick. The task of the miracle worker thus becomes to deny the denial of truth.…

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