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‘The Dynamic Law of Letting Things Fall Away: An Equinox Ceremony’

A Spiritual Talk about this Season of unveiling and Letting Go. We will hold a Fire Ceremony, during the Service where you will be guided into deep meditation for the revealing of what you are ready to release and let go of. You will have the chance to burn it, sing it and grieve it, if needed. I assure you, you will leave feeling a direct connection with all that the Universe powerfully has in store for you. Thank you…

‘Direct Communication Heals’

People claim their awakening to the Higher, Healing Consciousness happened while listening to an enlightened master. We will be doing exactly that –the Master will speak directly to us via a video. Will you awaken??? unityofboulder.com Thank you for your support of our non-profit spiritual community! Your sustaining contributions are invaluable to our ministry. https://unityofboulder.com/donate/ unity #unityboulder #newthought #consciousnessshift #eckharttolle #awakeningawareness #spiritualitboulder #spirituallyawake #spiritualpath #spiritualpractice #tibetanbowlmeditation #meditaitonboulder #guidedmeditation #dailymeditation

Ep. 39 Music & Spirituality

What role does music play in spirituality? How important is it in terms of spiritual growth? Explore these topics with Shad, Melissa & guest star Mark Stanton Welch. Sound alchemy, the importance of music in making you vulnerable, and how vibration is ultimately responsible. Plus we get to learn about Mark writes music for specific chakras.

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