Meet Our Staff

Jack Groverland

Head Minister
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Jack Groverland is an ordained Unity minister who heads the Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center.  He is also a professional writer with several books and a screen play under option in Hollywood.

“Life wasn’t always this good, “Jack tells us some Sundays from the pulpit. “I grew up in the crime infested ghettos of Hoboken and JersJack speakingey City where I learned all the wrong ideas about life.  I lived with my father, an immigrant truck driver who couldn’t begin to imagine the life I’m living now.In those dark days I was a petty thief, gang fighter, gambler and fool.  I left all that when I escaped from jail under a hail of bullets and in the process had my first spiritual experience.  Too bad that first experience wasn’t all I needed but it was a good start.In short, I changed my name and my life for the better. Still, I never thought I would wind up a Unity minister with a wife and 3 kids in Boulder, Colorado.  But here I am.  My life is magnificent now but it didn’t get that way over night. My life evolved over many years of sincere searching for the Truth, which I am privileged to share each Sunday in the Unity pulpit.”— Jack

To see one of Jack’s recent talks, watch this video

In this video, Jack talks explains that the times right now are ripe for massive transformations in human consciousness…

He talks about transcending reflective awareness, or dualistic thinking, into the state of God consciousness. He says that, for some of us, it can be frightening to make that transformation.

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Norma Groverland

Minister of Music
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I was born the middle child of three daughters to a Mohawk Native American Father and a Russian Immigrant Mother.  Norman Bigtree was my father’s name and I was named after him (he had given up on having a boy, so I was named “Norma” Bigtree).  My sisters and I became quite famous in the East as a singing, dancing trio called the “Bigtree Sisters”.  I performed with my sisters all over New York State from the age of 4 until I went to New York City after attending two years at Syracuse University’s School of Music.  I performed with Barry Manilow, Bernadtte Peters, etc, when I met Jack Groverland.  Upon meeting him, we both embarked on a spiritual quest together (without family), that has been the most rewarding life one could ever imagine.

Syntysche Groverland

Associate Minister
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A master story teller, Syntysche Groverland captivates an audience with her inherent ability to spin a tale of whimsy, humor and spiritual insight, all at the same time.  She seamlessly and effortlessly weaves biblical messages and stories with real life examples that not only validate the spiritual principles Jesus taught, but demonstrate how we can apply these teachings in our day-to-day lives.  I think what engages us most about Syntysche is her willingness to be vulnerable, her courage to be honest with herself and others, and her unwavering commitment to consciousness.

Syntysche grew up immersed in the Unity teachings and was no doubt influenced by her father and Head Minister at Unity, Jack Groverland.  If there is some similarity between them, it is that they both have the ability to express passion and elicit emotion in those that might otherwise be blocked.  For this reason, Syntysche and Jack’s talks aren’t just inspiring, they are healing.

To see one of Syntysche’s recent talks, watch this video.

Shad Groverland

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Shad brings his own unique voice and perspective to the Unity Truths.  Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center has been delivering those same Truths for over 40 years! It’s the reason so many call Unity of Boulder their spiritual home.  And, it’s also the reason Boulder County keeps voting for Unity of Boulder for “Best Place for Worship” again and again! 

We know this same spark of Truth rings true in Shad, and we are honored to have him here lending his voice and his talents to our growing congregation.  We know that Shad will be a huge asset to our diverse and ever-broadening community.   

Shad is coming to us after uniting two Unity ministries in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he spent the last 5 years developing the Unity of Las Vegas.  Before becoming a Unity minister, Shad was the lead sound engineer for MGM Resorts Corporation in Las Vegas for 13 years.

Shad received his calling to the ministry in 2012 when he enrolled in the Unity Seminary, based in Detroit, Michigan, and also joined the Unity Board of Directors of Las Vegas.  As Spirit would have it, his service on the board was cut short when the church decided to hire him as their part-time minister until he could complete his seminary training.  After graduating in 2015, Shad was hired full-time by the Las Vegas church and was ordained in 2016.  The new church doubled in attendance under his guidance.

Mike Schadle

Church Administrator
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As the Church Administrator, Mike Schadle oversees the rentals, the church services, the building maintenance, and so much more.  There are few who could pull all of this off, but Mike not only does it with a smile but has an eye for detail and delivers.  Mike has been with us since 2012, and his spirits have never changed.  He brings a lot of fun and professionalism to the office, but mostly fun!  Volunteers love to interact with him because he makes people laugh and his joy is contagious.   

Erinna Groverland

Music Director
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Erinna was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where her parents began early encouraging a love of music, starting her in Suzuki piano lessons at age 2. During her school years, kindergarten through college, she was given the opportunity at her home church, Bellevue Baptist, to sing in many large-scale televised productions for an audience of thousands. Classically trained in voice, she studied opera at The University of Memphis and has performed with numerous ensembles and choirs over the years in a multitude of styles, including choral, chamber, liturgical, polyphony, jazz, Broadway, and popular music. She most recently served on the music team at Unity of Las Vegas for 5 years before joining the staff at Unity of Boulder.

Heather Bilyeu

Administrative Assistant
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Heather is Unity’s Volunteer Coordinator, Office Secretary and Gift Shop Associate. She is dedicated to a life in service of helping others and has found a place she can truly call home here at Unity.  Her spiritual interests are in Essene, Buddhist & Native American Thought, the independent study of nutritional healing techniques & essential oil therapies, and the ways in which the world’s myths and religions reveal parallels to one another as a means of discovering spiritual truths.  She is a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and transmuting one’s life’s trials into a pathway of light.  In her free time she enjoys mountain trail running. She and her husband are musicians and perform as the acoustic mountain sagebrush blues duo, “Ravin’wolf“.

Sierra Samuel

Marketing Director
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Sierra Samuel is the Marketing Director Unity.  Her job is to develop and maintain Unity’s online presence and promote the church. Sierra says her method of marketing is to tell the “story” of a product or business, get to the “heart” of it’s value and illustrate how it can positively impact people’s lives. Sierra is a singer/songwriter who appears regularly on the Unity stage, singing solos or participating in the Unity Choir.  

Here at Unity, I don’t have to search to find the beauty and essence of this amazing Spiritual Center, it is all around me. Deep in the archives of Unity’s pictures and videos of past events, I have discovered that since the Unity of Boulder established itself years ago, it has been a series of golden moments.— Sierra

Michele Pullo

Sunday School Director
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Michele is delighted to be the director of the Unity of Boulder Sunday School Program.  She grew up in a church much like Unity of Boulder and learned early on that having a connection to God can get you through the most difficult times.  She feels that her job here is to remind children of the light that resides within each of them and guides them to share that light with the world.  As director, she works with Syntysche and her co-director, Beau Woods to plan a curriculum that will both teach and inspire the children.  She also writes the lesson plans for each Sunday School group and guides the incredible volunteers to share their own gifts with the children each week.  

Michele brings with her many years of working with children through dance and her happycalmchild program.  She is “mom” to two children who attend Uni-Kids and Uni-Teens and recently said this, “I was so thrilled to find Unity of Boulder.  Especially their Sunday School and Youth Programs.  I’ve attended churches in the past with similar teachings but the congregation was primarily all seniors.  My husband and I knew we’d found a spiritual home when our kids had a fun, nurturing and safe place to grow and the bonus is that we’ve met so many families with kids the same age!”

Beau Woods

Sunday School Co-Director
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Beau Woods is the Co-Director of the Sunday School Program at Unity of Boulder. He helps facilitate the weekly lesson plans and activities with the Sunday School children, and helps coordinate and recruit volunteer Sunday School teachers.  


Melinda Malek

Director of Y.O.U.
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Melinda is the Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) Director. She loves that she is able to give back to the community & youth program that gave so much to her. “Getting to work with teens is an inspiring, spiritually satisfying experience. I get to see them express their wisdom, share their insights and discover their own spiritual path. There’s nothing quite like it.

Melinda has been a part of Unity since she was a just a baby and grew up  with the Sunday School, Uniteens & Y.O.U. experience. Since then, Unity of Boulder has been a constant in her life. She has volunteered, helped with productions & attended church as a regular member. She feels she would be a completely different person today had she not grown up in Unity and loves the community, friendships & family she has found there.  Outside of Unity, she works for a non-profit organization. There she is the manager & main instructor for the DateSmart program, which teaches middle school students about healthy relationships and dating violence prevention.

Leianne Hazen

Leianne was called to work with young people at a young age and has many years of experience as a professional childcare worker, personal nanny, and with special needs children.  In recent years, she has had great fun volunteering with our Uniteens Youth Ministry organizing lock-ins and their annual service project.  In 2017, she took over as the Uniteens Youth Director and is looking forward to bringing fresh spiritual adventure and creativity to the our Uniteens in the upcoming year!  In her personal time, Leianne enjoys going to the gym, swimming, crocheting and writing.