Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Syntysche Groverland

A master story teller, Syntysche Groverland captivates an audience with her inherent ability to spin a tale of whimsy, humor and spiritual insight, all at the same time. She seamlessly and effortlessly weaves biblical messages and stories with real life examples that not only validate the spiritual principles Jesus taught, but demonstrate how we can apply these teachings in our day-to-day lives. But, what engages us most about Syntysche is her willingness to be vulnerable, her courage to be honest with herself and others, and her unwavering commitment to consciousness.

Syntysche grew up immersed in the Unity teachings and was no doubt influenced by her father and Unity minister, Jack Groverland. If there is some similarity between them, it is that they both have the ability to express passion and elicit emotion in those that might otherwise be blocked. For this reason, Syntysche’s talks aren’t just inspiring, they are healing.

To see one of Syntysche’s recent talks, check out her recent videos.

Senior Minister
Jack Groverland