Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Norma Bigtree Groverland

Norma Bigtree Groverland, Music Director and Minister Emeritus at Unity of Boulder, was born the middle child of three daughters to a Mohawk Native American Father and a Russian Immigrant Mother. Norman Bigtree was her father’s name and she was named after him (he had given up on having a boy, so she was named “Norma” Bigtree). She and her sisters became quite famous in the East as a singing, dancing trio called the “Bigtree Sisters.” Norma performed with her sisters all over New York State from the age of 4 until she went to New York City after attending two years at Syracuse University’s School of Music. She performed with Barry Manilow, Bernadtte Peters, etc, when she met Jack Groverland. Upon meeting him, they both embarked on a spiritual quest together, that has been the most rewarding life one could ever imagine.

Church Administrator
Mike Schadle
Senior Minister
Jack Groverland