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Videos on Reincarnation

‘The Most Nurturing Journey is from Head to Heart, Talk II’

We may not always be able to understand why a certain situation was drawn to us, or perhaps we are disheartened by what we see as the unfair suffering of others. The “whys” may never be known, and in fact, the “whys” may not be of primary importance. What is important is how we choose to respond. The way we respond to any given situation determines the next experience to be called into action. When we say from deep inside,…

‘Awakening to the Ethereal Realm’

Within our physical body is another body usually called the astral, etheric, or spirit body.  This body is an exact replica of our physical body in that it contains eyes, hair hands, legs, and so on.  The big difference between our physical and etheric body  is that the etheric body’s molecules vibrate at a much faster and higher rate than its physical counterpart.  Typically, we can’t see the astral body, although some people are able to see it psychically. During…