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Videos on Jesus

“My Peace I Give To You, Not as the World Gives, I Give To You.”

Join me for a powerful, Palm Sunday Talk  where I will unveil the true metaphysical meaning of the day we commemorate the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem . Many of us are on a dedicated spiritual journey through Lenten and nearing the end of our fast after a little over 5 and half weeks now.  WE did it for greater clarity towards life and the greater understanding of Jesus’ part in our awakening and our walk with Spirit, (God, Source,…

Mystical Good Friday Service 2020

Rev. Jack Groverland reveals the deeper metaphysical meaning of the life-transforming Truths that Jesus related to His disciples at the Last Supper. During this mystical Service, you will learn the eternal secrets of life that mundane history and the traditional church have unwittingly hidden for ages.

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Good Friday is coming next week, which commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. So what is “good” about death? In this video, with some humor and deep insights, we are going to find out. 

Jesus’ Last Name is Not Christ

Most of us know that we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. But very few of us know about the birth of Christ. If we don’t know there’s is a difference between Christ & Jesus, then we definitely don’t understand the difference between Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ. Yes, those names refer to different things. And this Saturday we will unravel what they are and how it all relates to Christmas.