Videos on Modern Spiritual Life

Videos on Modern Spiritual Life

The Great Motivator

If you want to get people to take action and move, you need something that will set them in motion. I know what that something is, and after this Sunday’s talk, I think we will all have a better understanding of what drives us to bring about the kind of change this world needs. – Rev. Shad

Spirit’s Mission: To Heal the Collective

While our bodies and our senses tell us we are separate individuals, we are all one. We all individually vibrate as part of a single whole. As we witnessed this week, the people went to the streets to stand up for one of our brothers whose mistreatment by a police officer caused his death. The people stood up and showed they will no longer, as a collective, tolerate this kind of separation. While the upset, sadness and disbelief was real,…

Duality or At-ONE-ment

There are but 2 interpretations of Life, DUALITY OR AT-ONE-MENT, as A Course In Miracles refers to it. There is an effective analogy in the ancient text of the Gospel of Thomas that points out the illusion of duality and the trouble that accompanies it. “No one can ride two horses. No one can string two bows at the same time.”  Yet, that is exactly what most people trapped in the thinking of the world are attempting. Is it any wonder why there are so many people abusing themselves…

The Power of Awareness

Many spiritual people that I have been talking with lately have had in common the same question. Why is this pandemic happening? What is the truth? What is not the truth? What are we supposed to learn from this? While they are moving in and through these questions, feeling the fear, the worry, the despair and uncertainty of these times, they are encouraged by spiritual experiences through dreams, messages in nature, music and finding themselves surrendering into acceptance — acknowledging…

Your Divine Calling

Due to the worldwide Coronavirus shutdown, a considerable number of people have been advanced in consciousness. It’s going to become evident to these people that they are in the world at this time for a Divine Purpose. Having gained this understanding, they will easily start living an Enlightened Life as servants of the One Divine Intelligence which is in all and through all of us. Being called into this service is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. To…

A Life Out of Focus

If we don’t choose what to focus on in life, life will choose it for us. This is a “no bueno” situation that we must change.

Spirit is Your Guide Through These Uncharted Territories

Everything you have nurtured in yourself until now has set you up to be ready for this endurance test. This is not the time to shrink in the face of uncertainty, but instead grab hold of all the promises that Spirit has given you and is giving you. There has never been or ever will be someone outside of you that can tell you how to keep safe, how to stay financially on top of this, how to stay healthy,…

The Great Wake-Up Call

Going through this time of isolation for people, I have observed how it is manifesting in many different ways for them. Because I am in the work of helping people through this unprecedented time through counseling, support groups and sermons, I get a unique view of how human beings handle life in the midst of a crisis or a blessing, however you would personally word it, without any say or control of how it all will play out or end.…

A Return to Divine Life

“Come to me all of you who labor and are heavy laden (weary, worried, fearful, lonely, sick, financially strapped and depressed) says the Lord of Life, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) I will open your mind and heart to a new vision of life and yourself within it.  I am the light of life within you, and I have waited long for you to turn to me for guidance, healing and love. I am also the Light of the World,…

What Happened on saturday?

We probably all know about Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but what happened on Saturday? I think Saturday was the most important day in that weekend and there is very little mention of it anywhere. In this Saturday message, we will reveal what happened on THAT Saturday.

Error 404: Jesus File Not Found

Good Friday is coming next week, which commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. So what is “good” about death? In this video, with some humor and deep insights, we are going to find out. 

Not Enough

At our Friday noon Coffee Talk with the Ministers (on Zoom) we posed the topic: How are we all dealing with the mandate of “self home confinement?” which surfaced the problem of boredom. I brought up the idea that maybe the coronavirus pandemic may have derived from the Divine Intention to cut us off from the many outer directed delights and distractions of the physical life. To offer us the opportunity to explore the internal spiritual life.  Here’s master, Eckhart Tolle, explaining…

Are God’s Hands Clean?

If God is Love, then who or what creates tragedy? Some might say “the Devil,” but Unity doesn’t agree with that. I look forward to sharing with you some deeper insights into this great question, along with the Unity teachings that support them. 

A Voice in the Crowd

Something big is happening and it’s probably not what you think. We all feel it, but likely don’t know what it is because its voice is being drowned out in a sea of noise.