I Will Carry You

I Will Carry You

“I will carry you.”  These are the words of a song I have had on repeat lately, by Michael W. Smith. 

I find all the melodic rhythms and words of his music to be inspired by the greater potential of the Universe, as a way-shower of God’s Love for all of us.  During this time, I find spiritual music to be an incredible space holder for my being to stay lifted and peaceful during these difficult times in the world. 

Many of us are being called to serve others while we adjust to the present normal of these times. Thousands of light beings are having a difficult time right now while they face the issues that were not working in their lives before the pandemic and now are experiencing a sharpened focus towards a longing for their healing. The out-picturing looks different for each person, showing up in the form of unhealed aspects of themselves, unhealed relationships, unhealed traumas, unhealed addictions, unhealed marriages, career issues, etc. 

Yet, as you shoulder your burdens and pick yourself up again, you can be filled with greater and greater strength through the guidance of Spirit, the space holder and way shower–because you are not alone. 

One of the beauties in all of this is that these crossroads have turned  the tide towards spiritual practice and redirected the focus in one’s life from outer events and grown a hunger from within–a yearning and desire to connect with the spiritual realm, to transform and enliven a life that you’ve longed for way before the pandemic began.  What really matters has now come into focus. 

In this video, Syntysche gives an insightful Talk about Hiring the Heavens–asking your angels, spirit guides and Ascended Masters to assist you in quickening the healing results that you need in whatever area your heart is longing. She will bring to light the teachings from Edgar Cayce, Phineas Quimby and Jesus Christ as a reference for inspiration. 

In Love & Light,