Thank You, God, For Giving Us a Second Chance

There is in all the Universe, including in people, a balancing power for the good at work. This balancing power causes a readjustment and healing to take place after people have wandered away from that which is best for them. In history, and Bible symbology, we are shown that every time people have wandered away from the path of their good, they experience a reaction that leads them back to a saner point of view. It is through this process…

Not Enough

At our Friday noon Coffee Talk with the Ministers (on Zoom) we posed the topic: How are we all dealing with the mandate of “self home confinement?” which surfaced the problem of boredom. I brought up the idea that maybe the coronavirus pandemic may have derived from the Divine Intention to cut us off from the many outer directed delights and distractions of the physical life. To offer us the opportunity to explore the internal spiritual life.  Here’s master, Eckhart Tolle, explaining…

Are God’s Hands Clean?

If God is Love, then who or what creates tragedy? Some might say “the Devil,” but Unity doesn’t agree with that. I look forward to sharing with you some deeper insights into this great question, along with the Unity teachings that support them. 

Storm Proof: Bridge Over Troubled Water

In this Talk Series, I have been speaking about how to access the Akashic Records, how to call in your Spirit Guides, define the soul & psychic phenomenon and how to strengthen our ever deepening relationship with God. The goal of this Talk Series has been to stimulate people’s own experiences and memories of super natural interventions, messages in dreams and their contact with the unseen realms. The purpose is to build faith in this greater energy this greater power…

The Word Within

God so loved the world that He/She didn’t send a committee. He/She sent the “Word” that is within you, sometimes called “Christ in you” or “The Still Small Voice” or the “God Self.” The Word has existed from the beginning, down through all the Ages of Mankind, in spite of the edicts and machinations of every government on earth. Let’s consider this scripture from the book of Deuteronomy in existence a thousand years B.C. (Deuteronomy 30:11-14) “For this commandment which…

A Voice in the Crowd

Something big is happening and it’s probably not what you think. We all feel it, but likely don’t know what it is because its voice is being drowned out in a sea of noise.

The Coronavirus and Truth

If you knew the Truth about yourself you could not be sick – so states A Course In Miracles – and taking The Course at its word, knowing the Truth revealed in The Course will insulate you from every kind of sickness, including the coronavirus. The Course is so confident in its concepts of Truth channeled directly from Christ that it states, “The sick must heal themselves, for the Truth is in them.” Jack will reveal the essential healing Truth…

Storm Proof: Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

As the story goes, the Phoenix is a mythical bird with fiery plumage that lives up to 100 years. Near the end of its life, it settles into its nest of twigs which then burns ferociously, reducing bird and nest to ashes. From those ashes a fledgling Phoenix rises – renewed and reborn!  This series is about accessing the Akashic Records, your Spirit Guides, your soul families and gaining a better understanding of the part of us that never dies. It is…

Stepping Stones to Healing and Heaven

In Matthew 8:20, the Master over life and death said, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head (and find his place in life – peace of mind).” Many people think you have to die to get to heaven, and then only will you have peace. In this video we will interpret the meaning of the passages surrounding the Master’s statement. And we will uncover the mind-transforming…

Eating Your Way to God

For thousands of years there has been conversation around how diet affects our relationship to God. In modern times we have come to a better understanding of how diet affects our minds and bodies, but do we know any more about how it relates to our spiritual well-being?

Storm Proof: The Power of Your Soul

This series is about accessing The Akashic Records, spirit guides, our soul families, the part of us that never dies, and developing an understanding for how Karma plays a role in our lives. From the standpoint of the Edgar Cayce readings, we are not physical bodies with souls, but are instead spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are spiritual beings who have forgotten our true nature and are not always living up to the very best we have within…

Mind Your Words

You have a right to speak your mind. The 1st Amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights states that. However, free speech is a misnomer. All speech has consequences. Words have consequences. Thoughts have consequences. Verily they determine your inner and outer life. In this video, I will share the exact Sufi formula used to align a person’s thoughts with the Universal One God.

Who Said “Rape” the Earth?

A well-known figure actually said that God wants us to “take” and “rape” the earth. In this video, we will discover which Biblical passage this person has used to support their stance, and how they, and many others, have misinterpreted these words to justify their harmful and misguided actions. Join us this week as we right a three-thousand-year-old wrong.

Storm Proof: Stop Apologizing for Who You Truly Are

This is the second talk in a series of five. Click here to see the first talk. In the previous talk in the series “Storm Proof,” I spoke about the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, our Soul (how it never dies) and Psychic Phenomena. The goal of last week’s message was to stimulate memories to help identify experiences that show we are not only our human bodies. Our souls are expansive and aware of much more than the five senses.  This…

Be Transformed Now

Clarified from the original scripture in Romans 12:2: “Do not be conformed to the thinking of the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove to yourself (by direct experience) what is the enlightened will of God, what will bring peace, healing and goodness to your life now.” The wisdom of two present-day masters will be related on the fast way to the Enlightened Consciousness. At the core of your being is your True…

Sex and spirituality

Sex is a powerful thing! With the ability to create life and destroy politicians, we have all seen sex in its most beautiful and ugliest expressions. So what is the role of sex in our lives, especially for those of us on the spiritual path? Join us to find out.

Storm Proof: Securing Your Spiritual Foundation in a World of Radical Unknowingness

I know as a spiritual seeker, joined with so many like-minded people, that it isn’t a coincidence we are walking together on this planet at this time. There is a greater picture being revealed to us as we move through these dark days for our planet and world. We are the change we are seeking and we must do everything we can to change the trajectory in which we are headed. I know we all feel the call to assist…

Healing Yourself Using “Holy Instant” Awareness

It seems to us (conditioned by the thinking of the world) that most things in life take time. You need time to finish your education. Or time to create and build your business. Time to exercise. Time to shop. Time to brush your teeth. Time to work or play, etc. However, to gain the most valuable thing in life, “Enlightened Knowing” in each moment as it arises, you need to learn how to enter the “Holy Instant.”  As author Eckhart Tolle relates…

Beyond the Binary

How do we navigate our interactions and conversations in this rapidly changing world of language and personal identity? Perhaps the answer lies in how we interact with God.