Storm Proof: Securing Your Spiritual Foundation

Video Series: Storm Proof: Securing Your Spiritual Foundation

Storm Proof: Bridge Over Troubled Water

In this Talk Series, I have been speaking about how to access the Akashic Records, how to call in your Spirit Guides, define the soul & psychic phenomenon and how to strengthen our ever deepening relationship with God. The goal of this Talk Series has been to stimulate people’s own experiences and memories of super natural interventions, messages in dreams and their contact with the unseen realms. The purpose is to build faith in this greater energy this greater power

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Storm Proof: Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

As the story goes, the Phoenix is a mythical bird with fiery plumage that lives up to 100 years. Near the end of its life, it settles into its nest of twigs which then burns ferociously, reducing bird and nest to ashes. From those ashes a fledgling Phoenix rises – renewed and reborn!  This series is about accessing the Akashic Records, your Spirit Guides, your soul families and gaining a better understanding of the part of us that never dies. It is

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Storm Proof: The Power of Your Soul

This series is about accessing The Akashic Records, spirit guides, our soul families, the part of us that never dies, and developing an understanding for how Karma plays a role in our lives. From the standpoint of the Edgar Cayce readings, we are not physical bodies with souls, but are instead spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are spiritual beings who have forgotten our true nature and are not always living up to the very best we have within

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Storm Proof: Stop Apologizing for Who You Truly Are

This is the second talk in a series of five. Click here to see the first talk. In the previous talk in the series “Storm Proof,” I spoke about the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, our Soul (how it never dies) and Psychic Phenomena. The goal of last week’s message was to stimulate memories to help identify experiences that show we are not only our human bodies. Our souls are expansive and aware of much more than the five senses.  This

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Storm Proof: Securing Your Spiritual Foundation in a World of Radical Unknowingness

I know as a spiritual seeker, joined with so many like-minded people, that it isn’t a coincidence we are walking together on this planet at this time. There is a greater picture being revealed to us as we move through these dark days for our planet and world. We are the change we are seeking and we must do everything we can to change the trajectory in which we are headed. I know we all feel the call to assist

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