Videos on Unity

Videos on Unity

La verdadera esencia de la madre

¿Qué significa realmente ser madre?  Este domingo te invito a unirte a mí, ya que revelamos lo que es una verdadera madre y cómo nos impacta de una manera que quizás nunca nos hayamos dado cuenta. Usted dejará esta charla con un entendimiento más profundo que es inmediatamente aplicable en su vida. Es un momento emocionante para estar en la Unidad,Shad Traducción por Rosa Estrada.

The True Essence of Mother

What does it really mean to be a mother? I invite you to join me as we unfold what a true mother is and how she impacts us in ways we may have never realized. You will leave this talk with a deeper understanding that is immediately applicable in your life. It is an exciting time to be in Unity,Shad

Healing Our Religious Past

I want to share with you a personal story of deep transformation and a series of difficult events that led to me finding my path and gaining clarity into my true purpose. Through sharing this story, I will also be giving you a set of tools to help you do the same… and as a side benefit, you will leave with a much clearer understanding of what the Unity movement is all about. Join me and let’s grow together. In…

The World is Changing, What Now?

It is probably obvious to most people that the world is in a great time of transition. But what we may not have stopped to notice is how these changes are affecting religion, community and even the Unity movement. In this message, Shad discusses these changes and what the future holds.