Coming Home to Our Boulder Unity Community

Coming Home to Our Boulder Unity Community

I would have never believed that less than 3 months ago, I would have been standing on the Unity stage introducing Marianne Williamson, to a crowd of over 500 people. It was one of the most incredible nights I have had, speaking from our Unity platform. I felt like it was the beginning of a new era for Unity of Boulder.

And then the whispers of this Corona Virus started surfacing, I was sure from my limited perspective that it was just something happening in China. And while I was concerned for the people there, it really didn’t seem like it was something that would happen here. Boy was I wrong! It was a few weeks later that our doors had to be closed and no one was to enter our facility besides staff until further notice.

The weeks following, the quiet in the building was hard. The absence of music wafting through the air in the mornings from the Spirit Nia classes, the absence of the clamoring of people coming in and out of the bookstore sharing their spirit filled stories. And then Sundays, having to speak to an empty room with cameras everywhere, it was simply heartbreaking.

As time went on the silence in the building stopped standing out to me as much, but I never stopped thinking about you all. I missed you deeply, I just couldn’t wait until we could see each other again. And now the time has come, for those of us who are healthy enough, to come back together this Sunday for our outdoor services in the front parking lot. I can barely hold my excitement in, I had no idea how much I leaned into our community for joy and happiness in my life. But I will never forget what I have learned and never take for granted the precious community that we have at Unity.