Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Videos by Melissa Guzman

Ep. 47 Convenience: the Blurry Episode

Listen to us live as we are inconvenienced by modern conveniences. Even with the best interest is at heart: sometimes the more convenient things are meant to make our lives the more complicated they become. Maybe we are meant to do the difficult things as Lao Tazu suggested. Convenience breeds expectations, Expectations breeds suffering~ Deep Quotes with Irrev. Melissa

Ep. 43 Value – Part I

What determines something’s intrinsic value? Can spiritual value be measured? Shad also gets to the hard-hitting questions like “Is the chicken the minister?” Finally, though we reach a conclusion that life should be more like a buffet, as all good conversations should!

Ep. 41 9/11

Melissa and Shad discuss the tragedy of the September 11th attacks on their 20th anniversary. We dive into the hatred that caused it as well as the hatred that spawned it. What is the root issue of hatred anyway?

Ep. 39 Music & Spirituality

What role does music play in spirituality? How important is it in terms of spiritual growth? Explore these topics with Shad, Melissa & guest star Mark Stanton Welch. Sound alchemy, the importance of music in making you vulnerable, and how vibration is ultimately responsible. Plus we get to learn about Mark writes music for specific chakras.

Ep. 40 Forgiveness

Join Shad & Melissa with special guest Linda Chubbuck as we delve into the concept of forgiveness. Can you forgive someone in the midst of hurt? What happens to the negative energy during resentment? What about forgiveness on a global scale? Does that require some sort of societal or cultural forgiveness as well? Also – Melissa & Shad could have nearly been sidetracked for an entire hour regarding grain elevators.

Ep. 36 Addiction

Ep. 36 AddictionWhere is the line between giving it over and taking ownership? Does addiction happen upon you and what is the role in co-creating with the universe as it pertains to addiction… Join Shad & Melissa with special guest Temple Hayes as we explore the two types of addiction that Temple defines as “those that take your life and those that keep you from living”.

Ep. 35 Relationships

What’s the point? Do they help or hurt our spiritual evolution? What happens when we search for wholeness in another person. How do the dynamics change when we are with someone who picks up where we leave off instead of looking for someone to complete us. Tribal identity is important, but can it be too much? Join Shad and Melissa in their usual less serious ways as they explore the importance or lack their of relationships.

Ep. 34 Let’s talk about…Sex!

OH NO!!!!! Can we? Should we? How do we? Is there a spiritual component to it we need to explore? Can Melissa last an entire hour without giggling while talking about it?This and more answered as we explore the less serious side of the physical needs of the body. Children of the hosts: feel free to skip this one!

Ep. 32 Skipping & Self Publishing

What do you do that brings you unbridled, pure childlike joy? Have you tried skipping? Join us as we discuss with Kim Skipper Corbin the pure joy that can come from doing something some see as ‘silly’. We also get to talk about the publishing world with our guest who is no stranger to it!

Ep. 31 Moving through change

Change happens all around us all the time. It happens in relationships, workplaces, housing, school, etc. It can be difficult, or fun, or scary. But what can we do about it? What’s the best way to move through change with grace? Joining Shad & Melissa is Diana Kennedy from Unity Worldwide Ministries to give us her take!

Ep. 30 Mass Shootings. Who is Responsible?

Ep. 30 Mass Shootings…Who is Responsible? With a few more mass shootings in the news, Shad & Melissa take on the very serious subject of mass shootings. Everyone is looking to point fingers, who deserves the blame? Can we stop the chaos? If not, how do we manage it? Are we planning for the higher good of a situation or the worst-case scenario? How do you manage to stay safe without living in fear? Join us as we delve into…