Videos on Be the Change

Videos on Be the Change

Spirit’s Mission: To Heal the Collective

While our bodies and our senses tell us we are separate individuals, we are all one. We all individually vibrate as part of a single whole. As we witnessed this week, the people went to the streets to stand up for one of our brothers whose mistreatment by a police officer caused his death. The people stood up and showed they will no longer, as a collective, tolerate this kind of separation. While the upset, sadness and disbelief was real,…

Your Divine Calling

Due to the worldwide Coronavirus shutdown, a considerable number of people have been advanced in consciousness. It’s going to become evident to these people that they are in the world at this time for a Divine Purpose. Having gained this understanding, they will easily start living an Enlightened Life as servants of the One Divine Intelligence which is in all and through all of us. Being called into this service is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. To…

The Arising True Life – Easter 2020

Due to the pandemic restrictions, we will be replaying our 2019 Easter Production. It includes all of the contemporary drama of our times, along with our acclaimed Unity Choir, Soloists and Band. As mystical things often turn out, this production has a theme about our need to unite in love to meet the great challenges before us.

Seeing the Unseen

We spend our days in the familiar world of the five senses, but what lies beyond that, if anything, we have no idea. A vast world is waiting to be explored. But most of us are happy to stay where we are. We may even be a bit afraid to venture into the unknown. What would be the point? we ask. Why should we leave the familiar world we know? Yet there are a few who are not content to…

Learning to Live in the Presence

Learning to Live in the Presence Despite the Turbulence Around Us Is this too tall an order — to veer away from or dodge the draw of joining a culture that is rapidly falling from dignity, honor and justice for all of humanity? In a time where you can find bad news everywhere, from the dangers of our climate to dishonesty reigning over the truth in so many ways–you fill in the blank. You might ask, where is God in…

God has entrusted us with the care of his/her creation

Indigenous peoples have always possessed an innate sense of our deep connection to the Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. We have always known that a tree is alive and has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have always known that the waters and the winds are our lifeblood and that the power of the fire is to be respected. We have always known how important it is to our future generations that we live our lives humbly and in balance…

Dios nos ha confiado el cuidado de su creación

Los pueblos indígenas siempre han tenido un sentido innato de nuestra profunda conexión con la Tierra, el Fuego, el Agua y el Viento. Siempre hemos sabido que un árbol está vivo y tiene hijos, nietos y bisnietos. Siempre hemos sabido que las aguas y los vientos son nuestra sangre vital y que se debe respetar el poder del fuego. Siempre hemos sabido lo importante que es para nuestras futuras generaciones que vivamos nuestras vidas con humildad, en equilibrio y con…

Is Work Really Necessary?

The average person will spend at least 35% of their life at work and if they don’t enjoy their work, that could be a large chunk of lost time. As spiritual seekers, many of us might wonder, “Is work really even necessary to begin with?”

The Transformation is Upon Us

The Transformation is Upon Us! Like everyone who came to me last Sunday when I mentioned the subject of this Talk, I’m asking you to email and text your family members and friends inviting them to watch what will be the most powerful, mind-transforming Talk ever shared at Unity, any Unity, any church or spiritual center anywhere. Yes! In stating this, I am not bragging or exaggerating. As Promised, Jack Groverland

The World is Changing, What Now?

It is probably obvious to most people that the world is in a great time of transition. But what we may not have stopped to notice is how these changes are affecting religion, community and even the Unity movement. In this message, Shad discusses these changes and what the future holds.

The Consciousness Ballot

“The Consciousness Ballot” by Minister Shad Groverland. Well we voted.. and now what!? Do we celebrate the results, because what we wanted won? Do we mourn the results, because what we wanted lost?