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Video Speaker: Steve Hays

‘The Universe IS a Green Dragon: A New Way of Thinking’ at Unity of Boulder (4-16-23)

Please DONATE to Unity of Boulder: https://unityofboulder.com/donate/so we can keep these videos going! Thank you & Blessings! “The Universe IS a Green Dragon!”A Spiritual Talk Given by Guest Speaker Steve Hays“Our emergent cosmos is the fundamental context for all discussions of value, meaning, purpose, or ultimacy of any sort. … Only by establishing ourselves within this context can we begin to discover the meaning and significance of ordinary things.” – Brian Swimme (Author of ‘The Universe Is A Green Dragon’)

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‘The Effortless Harmony of Spirit’ with Guest Speaker Steve Hays

11AM MST Sunday Spiritual ExperienceSpecial Guest Speaker: Steve Hays THIS WEEK:‘The Effortless Harmony of Spirit”We all seek harmony, whether out in nature, in our relationships, in the sounds of music, or more importantly, in our hearts. Do our lives match the values and callings we sense in our hearts? Lucky for us, we are never alone in our efforts to manifest harmony. Wherever we are and with whatever is happening in our lives and in the world, we can turn

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Real Prayer is Real Power

Prayer is getting a bad rap these days and for many, prayer is seen as a weak excuse for inaction. But the truth is that we are always praying – if we define prayer as focusing and choosing how we express the power of our consciousness.  Concentrated attention of the mind on an idea of any kind is equal to prayer and will make available the spiritual principle that is its source in proportion to the intensity and continuity of

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