Videos on Spiritual Growth

Videos on Spiritual Growth

Divine Connection

Which do you desire more: Serving the wants of the ego or connecting with the Divine? Join Rev. Shad as he dives into what might be the most important question we could ever ask ourselves.

The Illusion of Control

Matthew 11:28 says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Spiritual Rest is the place of Loving Intimacy with God. Spirit desires to meet with us in times of Spiritual Rest, to simply love us and restore us through intimacy with no expectations. I woke up today thinking about my message and sat in meditation focusing my energy on the embrace of Spirit’s Love moving through my entire being. I found…

The Brakes Have Come Off

Notice how birds land on a branch – with absolute trust. They trust that the branch will move with them as they land and then stabilize. You can do the same too. What if your “landing” isn’t what you expected and you wobble? Does that mean you will fall? Hardly! Even gymnasts land in a way that forces them to deal with their weight and forward movement. You are strong and can do the same.  Recognizing that movement when you land is a natural and helpful…

Mindfulness to the Mastery of Life

One fascinating dialogue in Shakespeare’s Hamlet concludes with this statement by Hamlet, “Be it resolved then, there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Most people, it seems, go a long time seeking outside themselves for the meaning of life, in an effort to figure out how to live effectively, successfully, and happily ever after. Of course, they all will fail in their quest unless or until they seek to see the relationship their own thinking has…

The Word Within

God so loved the world that He/She didn’t send a committee. He/She sent the “Word” that is within you, sometimes called “Christ in you” or “The Still Small Voice” or the “God Self.” The Word has existed from the beginning, down through all the Ages of Mankind, in spite of the edicts and machinations of every government on earth. Let’s consider this scripture from the book of Deuteronomy in existence a thousand years B.C. (Deuteronomy 30:11-14) “For this commandment which…

Stepping Stones to Healing and Heaven

In Matthew 8:20, the Master over life and death said, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head (and find his place in life – peace of mind).” Many people think you have to die to get to heaven, and then only will you have peace. In this video we will interpret the meaning of the passages surrounding the Master’s statement. And we will uncover the mind-transforming…

Every Morning We are Born Again: Week 5 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

Every morning we are born again. Today is what matters most. The Buddha The Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge Talk Series is about creating a clear plan and setting goals for long term success in healing relationships and finances–bringing more joy and happiness for planting a strong foundation for an awakened life in 2020. In this video, I will speak about learning to live in a a state of “surrender,” because letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only…

Spirit Never Stops Working: Week 4 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

The Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge Talk Series is about creating a clear plan and setting goals for long term success in healing relationships and finances–bringing more joy and happiness for planting a strong foundation for an awakened life in 2020. In this video, I talk about Divine nature – whether we’re dancing and being within that miracle-led life, or whether we are giving our life force energy away. Too often we give our energy to places that bring stress, panic…

Joy is the Proof

French sage, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, wrote this profound statement of Truth: “Joy is the proof of the Presence of God.” Since God is Omnipresent (Everywhere Present) and everyone is part of God, everyone should have joy all the time. However, most people seldom have joy. Thus, de Chardin’s s statement only becomes completely True is we add three words:“Joy is the proof of the awareness of the Presence of God.”  Looking at all the conflict, corruption and violence in the world, you may…

The Golden Rule Declassified

Very few of us actually live the Golden Rule, even though almost all of us know it and recognize its value. So why is that!? Have you ever considered that maybe we all know it, but we don’t truly understand it? Join me as we declassify the hidden Truth of this “rule” and get to the bottom of what it really means. 

The Ultimate 2020 Challenge

Look into your future at what you desire in your life for the next year and put God to the test. Do this inner work as a means of awakening your innate ability of cultivating the life of your dreams. We live similar lives, year after year, because we aren’t committed to changing old behaviors and thought patterns. This creates the same results over and over. Maybe you don’t feel worthy, or you may doubt the majesty and manifesting power of…

What is “Good”?

When we look at the relative state of goodness that we experience each day, it pales in comparison to the Divine Goodness that is all around us. Rev. Shad discusses why the relative goodness around us is waning and how it compares to the state of Divine Goodness.

Keeping Your Promises with Yourself: Making the Shift

So many of us spend much of our life distracted and busied by the wants and needs of others. We say to ourselves that one day we will do this or that in our lives. We look forward to that distant point in the future when the whole world will open up and let go of its grip on us and the time will be at hand for adventure, self-love and personal dreams fulfilled. But it has never been about…

A Simple Mind Healing Yoga

It doesn’t take years or even months to become a spiritual healer and light bearer in our world. But it takes personal devotion to a simple but profound mental practice that enlightens the mind at once. If you’re ready for a new way of life, join Rev. Jack in this practice.

My Ego is My Frenemy – Part 2

“My Ego is My Frenemy – Part 2,” by Shad Groverland. This week, we expand on that and look at how both of these sides of the ego affect your life and what you can do to manage the shifting polarities that result. This is an applicable talk that leaves you with a tool for living a more balanced and harmonious life.

My Ego is My Frenemy – Part 1

My Ego is My Frenemy – Part 1. Part 1 of a 2 part sermon series by Shad Groverland titled: “My Ego Is My Frenemy.” Have you ever been among “spiritual” seekers who seem more ego-driven than spirit led? Is it possible some spiritual practices actually inflate the ego instead of diminish it? This Sunday we will start a two part series investigating this issue and whether it is a natural part of spiritual growth or something else. We will also examine how having a clearer understanding of the ego can assist us on our own spiritual journey.