Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Spirit Never Stops Working: Week 4 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

The Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge Talk Series is about creating a clear plan and setting goals for long term success in healing relationships and finances–bringing more joy and happiness for planting a strong foundation for an awakened life in 2020.

In this video, I talk about Divine nature – whether we’re dancing and being within that miracle-led life, or whether we are giving our life force energy away. Too often we give our energy to places that bring stress, panic and anxiety. Not because we want to, but somehow we have become more familiar with dis-ease than with conscious, proactive choice making.

My intention for this message is to help you to get really honest with yourself about where you are giving up your power as co-creator with God. And how to reclaim your distracted mind, body and spirit energy to awaken your attention and intention to a more sustainable, lovable, free flowing place for true life. Spirit never stops working even if we believe that things aren’t shaping up the way we prayed they would. We have to get our being-ness into right action. Spirit is always working for us.

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