Videos on Oneness

Videos on Oneness

What We Need is Ganas

If life is not giving us the results we want, perhaps we are missing something. I think we need “ganas.” I hope you will join me to figure out what it is and how to get it. – Rev. Shad

Who are You to Judge!?

In the human experience we can’t help but analyze the world around us and make snap judgments, based on what we see. So why is this so much a part of our experience and how can we use this as a tool for creating more good, as opposed to inflicting harm? Join me as we search for answers and review an Instagram debate I had, which inspired this topic.

¿Quien eres tú para juzgar?

En la experiencia humana no podemos dejar de analizar el mundo que nos rodea y hacer juicios rápidos, basados en lo que vemos. Entonces, ¿por qué es esto una parte tan importante de nuestra experiencia y cómo podemos usar esto como una herramienta para crear el bien en lugar de infligir daño? Únase a mí para buscar respuestas y revisar un debate de Instagram que tuve, que inspiró este tema. Interpretación de Rosa Estrada.

Morality: Do the Right Thing

As we look at the world around us, some might say, “What happened to morality?” Morality might not be as cut and dry as most of us assume it is.  Let’s explore together a better understanding of the modern issues surrounding morality and what we can do about it.

Moralidad: hacer lo correcto

Al mirar el mundo que nos rodea, algunos podrían decir: “¿Qué pasó con la moralidad?” La moralidad podría no ser tan cortante y seca como la mayoría de nosotros asumimos que es. Exploremos juntos una mejor comprensión de los problemas modernos que rodean la moralidad y lo que podemos hacer al respecto. Traducción por Stephanie San German.

Do This First

Many of us wonder why we don’t get the results we are seeking in life. In this talk, find out why and what you can do about it.

Our Miracle Power Restored

Most of the misery in the world is manmade because we humans have forgotten our God-given powers to heal. Recently a young lady from India, named Shivani, has figured out how to restore our healing powers and she will talk us through it (on video) this Sunday at the 9am and 11am service. I will also be pointing out where Eckhart Tolle and A Course in Miracles referred to this way of healing in their texts.