Videos on Transformation

Videos on Transformation

Joy is the Proof

French sage, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, wrote this profound statement of Truth: “Joy is the proof of the Presence of God.” Since God is Omnipresent (Everywhere Present) and everyone is part of God, everyone should have joy all the time. However, most people seldom have joy. Thus, de Chardin’s s statement only becomes completely True is we add three words:“Joy is the proof of the awareness of the Presence of God.”  Looking at all the conflict, corruption and violence in the world, you may…

The Mystical Truth of the Christmas Story

If Christmas has no other foundation save in sentimentality, pleasant carols and department store imagery, then there is no hope of happiness and peace for you and no hope for our un-sick world. Never before have people been more in need of knowing the mystical revelations in the Christmas Story. These revelations will be accompanied by a life-transforming meditation.

Know Thyself

“Nosce Te Ipsum” These words were inscribed above the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in ancient Greece. In the Temple there was a sacred Oracle that people believed could answer their prayers and solve their problems. No doubt, most people visiting the Temple read the words inscribed over the entrance but missed the deeper Truth they offered – deeper and more life-enhancing than anything the Oracle could possibly offer them. Thus, these ancient Greeks would go on pursuing guidance…

Are We Living in a Simulation? Part 1: The Physical Construct

Have you ever felt like your life is not real? Do you think you could be living in a virtual reality? Did you know that this is not a new idea? Rev. Shad discusses these questions from a spiritual perspective and also addresses the idea of “scientism” and the possibility of illusion in the physical world.

Be True to You

What are you willing to do to be fully expressed and free? Rev. Syntysche shares stories of the people she has witnessed in spiritual unfoldment and transformation — from who they thought they were into discovering who they really were and what they were here to do and be. She will speak to the miracles that happen in our lives the moment we begin expressing as Truth and owning our Truth — and how God’s Love infuses every area of…

Different is the New Normal

Diversity and equality are something we often talk about and try to practice, but very few of us take the time to understand why. Without truly knowing the “why,” our efforts are likely to be empty and short-lived. Join Rev. Shad as we work together to answer the “why” and heal the barriers between us.

Diferente es la nueva normalidad

La diversidad y la igualdad son algo de lo que a menudo hablamos y tratamos de practicar, pero muy pocos de nosotros nos tomamos el tiempo para entender por qué. Sin saber realmente el “por qué”, es probable que nuestros esfuerzos sean vacíos y de corta duración. Únase Rev. Shad mientras trabajamos juntos para responder el “por qué” y sanar las barreras entre nosotros. Interpretación de Rosa Estrada.

Vida Illuminada sin Muerte

Las lecturas de Edgar Cayce establecen que debemos continuar entrando y saliendo de la experiencia física de la vida terrenal hasta que superemos la muerte. ¿Y que? ¿Qué quiso decir exactamente Jesús cuando dijo: “Cualquiera que escuche mis palabras y las haga, nunca verá la muerte”? Exploraremos el enfoque probado y verdadero de la vida inmortal, revelado por los Maestros a lo largo de los siglos. Traducción de Rosa Estrada.

Enlightened Deathless Living

Edgar Cayce’s readings state that we must continue to cycle in and out of the physical earth-life experience until we overcome death. Then what? What exactly did Jesus mean when he said, “Anyone who hears my words and does them, will never see death”? We will explore the one tried and true approach to the deathless life, revealed by the Masters down through the ages. 

YO SOY: moldeando tu propia realidad

“YO SOY” son dos de las palabras más poderosas, porque lo que ponen después de ellas dan forma a su realidad. Está escrito en el Diccionario Bíblico Metafísico: “El YO SOY es el nombre metafísico del ‘yo espiritual’, tal como se distingue del yo humano. Uno está gobernado por el Espíritu, el otro por voluntad personal. YO SOY es eterno, sin principio o final: la verdadera persona espiritual que Dios hizo a su imagen y semejanza “. Si tomamos un…

I Am: Shaping Your Own Reality

“I AM” are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shape your reality. It is written in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary: “The I AM is the metaphysical name of the ‘spiritual self,’ as distinguished from the human self. One is governed by Spirit, the other by personal will. I AM is eternal, without beginning or ending: the true spiritual person whom God made in His image and likeness.” If we take a moment and meditate…

Our Personal Journey to Jerusalem

Let’s talk about Palm Sunday. Instead of reviewing the historical events leading up to Jesus’ “triumphal entry into Jerusalem,” we will dive into the deeper meaning of this event and its relevance for us as spiritual seekers today.

Nuestro viaje personal a Jerusalén

Hablemos del domingo de Ramos. En lugar de revisar los eventos históricos que llevaron a la “entrada triunfal de Jesús en Jerusalén”, nos sumergiremos en el significado más profundo de este evento y su relevancia para nosotros como buscadores espirituales en la actualidad. Traducción por Rosa Estrada.

Buscando a Dios

Aprenda cómo reconocer cuándo el Espíritu se está comunicando con usted y cómo escuchar profundamente y abrir su mente para experimentarlo. Las experiencias de la vida, el tiempo y un corazón y una mente abiertos son lo que amplía su caja de herramientas espirituales. Syntysche te lleva a un emocionante viaje hacia lo fenomenal, a las vidas de las personas que presencian lo milagroso, que se asoman por el velo entre la vida y la muerte física. En algunos casos,…

A Search for God

Learn how to recognize when Spirit is communicating with you and how to listen deeply and open your mind in order to experience it. Life experiences, time, and an open heart and mind are what expand your spiritual toolbox. Syntysche takes you on an exciting journey into the phenomenal — into the lives of people who witness the miraculous, who peek through the veil between life and physical death. In some cases, the experience will change the whole course of…

The Call of the Mystic: Part 3

The Call of the Mystic: Part 3 of the Talk Series. I have been a Prosperity Teacher for over 16-years, teaching the tools of the Law of Attraction, what we hold in thought, what we affirm to be, the vibration we hold around any certain circumstance or feeling we will attract back to us. Well this goes against the Mystic’s calling or does it? In this Sermon, I pick apart the truth between these two powerful paths and I will demonstrate how they are more alike than not alike.

The Call of the Mystic: Part 2

Week two of the talk series “The Call of the Mystic” by Shad Groverland. Is your God big enough? Using the human mind to try and comprehend the vastness of God, is likely an impossible task. Even so, we continue attempt to do just that,
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