God has entrusted us with the care of his/her creation

Indigenous peoples have always possessed an innate sense of our deep connection to the Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. We have always known that a tree is alive and has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have always known that the waters and the winds are our lifeblood and that the power of the fire is to be respected. We have always known how important it is to our future generations that we live our lives humbly and in balance…

Different is the New Normal

Diversity and equality are something we often talk about and try to practice, but very few of us take the time to understand why. Without truly knowing the “why,” our efforts are likely to be empty and short-lived. Join Rev. Shad as we work together to answer the “why” and heal the barriers between us.

Looking for Signs from God

I was talking to a young person in his early 20’s recently, and he was going through a very uninspired phase in his life, where he wasn’t feeling the touch of Spirit’s guidance. He came to me a bit heated and frustrated towards God and he wanted answers. This young man grew up in Unity through our Sunday School and Youth Department, so he was well versed in his questions for me. Question 1:  How do you define what God, Spirit, Source is and…

What We Need is Ganas

If life is not giving us the results we want, perhaps we are missing something. I think we need “ganas.” I hope you will join me to figure out what it is and how to get it. – Rev. Shad

I Am the Door To Love Without Conditions

“I have told you that no matter how many times you have refused to enter the sanctuary, you have only to knock and the door will be opened to you. I have said to you, ‘Ask and it shall be given you,’ but you refuse to believe in me. You think that someone is counting your sins, your moments of indecision or recalcitrance — but it is not true. I say to you, brothers and sisters, ‘STOP COUNTING! Stop making…

Who are You to Judge!?

In the human experience we can’t help but analyze the world around us and make snap judgments, based on what we see. So why is this so much a part of our experience and how can we use this as a tool for creating more good, as opposed to inflicting harm? Join me as we search for answers and review an Instagram debate I had, which inspired this topic.

Enlightened Deathless Living

Edgar Cayce’s readings state that we must continue to cycle in and out of the physical earth-life experience until we overcome death. Then what? What exactly did Jesus mean when he said, “Anyone who hears my words and does them, will never see death”? We will explore the one tried and true approach to the deathless life, revealed by the Masters down through the ages. 

Dear Surrender, I’m Ready!

There is a voice that will speak through you when you are willing to relinquish control. There is a spiritual walk that will carry you to an awareness territory, where the mind is quiet and the heart is revered. “Your willingness is all I ask, my sweet, sweet child. Tell me what it is that keeps you up at night, I will settle your fears. Come to me, I want to get closer to you, but I can only be…

Morality: From Foundation to Mastery

Do you know what’s in your moral foundation? Everyone has a basic moral foundation that they build their life upon, but few ever consider what’s in it. Is your foundation strong enough to build the kind of life you desire?

I Am: Shaping Your Own Reality

“I AM” are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shape your reality. It is written in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary: “The I AM is the metaphysical name of the ‘spiritual self,’ as distinguished from the human self. One is governed by Spirit, the other by personal will. I AM is eternal, without beginning or ending: the true spiritual person whom God made in His image and likeness.” If we take a moment and meditate…

Morality: Do the Right Thing

As we look at the world around us, some might say, “What happened to morality?” Morality might not be as cut and dry as most of us assume it is.  Let’s explore together a better understanding of the modern issues surrounding morality and what we can do about it.

A One Word Remedy for an Unhappy Life

There is a way to transcend the problems and suffering that confront all humans on the path of life. A fortunate few masters and sages of ancient times discovered this magic word that immediately heals anyone who uses it. Kings and Queens of old offered untold fortunes to anyone who could find and reveal to them the secret word that alleviates suffering. Jesus used this word and stated that anyone using it would never experience all of the useless, unnecessary…

The True Essence of Mother

What does it really mean to be a mother? I invite you to join me as we unfold what a true mother is and how she impacts us in ways we may have never realized. You will leave this talk with a deeper understanding that is immediately applicable in your life. It is an exciting time to be in Unity,Shad

Returning to Innocence

What if you could un-see things that happened to you in your life — experiences that formed an unconscious opinion in your mind and blocked you from living fully expressed. A ‘Returning to Innocence’…a personal journey leaving behind the meaning that you have given to your life’s circumstances that has made you feel stuck and nervous. For instance, it could be a heart-breaking relationship that broke your heart and left you feeling like no one will ever love you. As…

Is Work Really Necessary?

The average person will spend at least 35% of their life at work and if they don’t enjoy their work, that could be a large chunk of lost time. As spiritual seekers, many of us might wonder, “Is work really even necessary to begin with?”

Our Personal Journey to Jerusalem

Let’s talk about Palm Sunday. Instead of reviewing the historical events leading up to Jesus’ “triumphal entry into Jerusalem,” we will dive into the deeper meaning of this event and its relevance for us as spiritual seekers today.

A Search for God

Learn how to recognize when Spirit is communicating with you and how to listen deeply and open your mind in order to experience it. Life experiences, time, and an open heart and mind are what expand your spiritual toolbox. Syntysche takes you on an exciting journey into the phenomenal — into the lives of people who witness the miraculous, who peek through the veil between life and physical death. In some cases, the experience will change the whole course of…

The Transformation is Upon Us

The Transformation is Upon Us! Like everyone who came to me last Sunday when I mentioned the subject of this Talk, I’m asking you to email and text your family members and friends inviting them to watch what will be the most powerful, mind-transforming Talk ever shared at Unity, any Unity, any church or spiritual center anywhere. Yes! In stating this, I am not bragging or exaggerating. As Promised, Jack Groverland