Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Healing Consciousness

A true story is told of a vagrant in England who froze to death in a hotel dumpster trying to escape a blizzard. When his body was taken to the local marque they found a thousand pound note (equivalent to 4 five hundred dollar bills at the time) in the pocket of his pants. Why he didn’t use the money to get out of the blizzard can only be explained by the fact that he didn’t know the money was in the back pocket of his pants — pants he probably got at a charity that dispensed clothes to the homeless.

Likewise, the masters tell us that we have a great treasure within us, but many people live and die without ever being aware of it. You may acknowledge that you have some reasoning power that affords you some guidance and direction in life. You may even consider such as a gift to be from God. But, you are still leaving untapped the indwelling wisdom of the Christ Consciousness.