Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Lost & Found

Envision a life lived in limitless expansion of consciousness and possibility!

Jesus taught that man lives in two worlds — not in succession, but concurrently. He lives in the world of appearances, the three-dimensional world of form and shape, time and space — the world where we have fluctuating experiences of sickness and health, of peace and war, of harmony and chaos. However, man also lives in a spiritual world as a spiritual being.

Jesus says, ‘Don’t be misled in appraising yourself in life. You are whole, even if you are experiencing sickness and you can be healed because you are whole.’

Eric Butterworth

In this service, Syntysche speaks about VISION and how vision held in the mind can tip the current of life towards limitless expansion in consciousness. Is it better health? Is it more love in your marriage? Is it more abundance that is being called from within you?

We are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in mind. The Universe does not do anything to you or for you except respond to what you are holding within yourself and what you are seeing in your mind’s eye.