The Guiding Presence

The Guiding Presence

In harmony with the Guiding Presence the sky is clear and spacious — breathing is a pleasure and the earth is a pristine habitation where all creatures flourish together, content with the way they are, endlessly repeating themselves without the fear of Man.

When man rules without the Guiding Presence the sky becomes filthy, the earth becomes depleted – a habitation for sin, sickness and death. When man rules without the Guiding Presence, creatures become extinct while humans exploit their brothers and sisters for worthless coin of the realm.

Is it not evident, verily before our eyes, that the earth is out of harmony with life?  Only our return to the Guiding Presence can heal our world.

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  1. Frank Hagan

    Thank you! I needed this today.

    I am making my way back to Boulder next week and look forward to seeing in person on Sunday.


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