Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

The Brakes Have Come Off

Notice how birds land on a branch – with absolute trust. They trust that the branch will move with them as they land and then stabilize. You can do the same too. What if your “landing” isn’t what you expected and you wobble? Does that mean you will fall? Hardly! Even gymnasts land in a way that forces them to deal with their weight and forward movement. You are strong and can do the same.  Recognizing that movement when you land is a natural and helpful ability. 

“Change is our new now, everything in flux. The brakes have come off, but that doesn’t mean you’ll do it all at once. You will learn, practice, push limits and keep going farther, faster. The time is now for expansion for a vastness that is greater than you have ever imagined.”  ~ Excerpt From ‘Waking Up In 5D’ by Maureen St. Germain 

While this change is taking place, fear and worry can set in for many. However, fear and worry immediately stop short the miracles that are moving in to fill the void: the lost job, the lost inflow of finances, the relief desired. 

This is the time to develop the spiritual tools that are accessed through a clear mind and a peaceful heart in the face of the most uncharted territories we have ever faced. The time is NOW to play with the laws of the Universe — visualization, affirmations, taking a Holy Pause, asking what love would do in any given situation. In doing so you will discover feelings of expansion and openness and draw towards yourself the wonderful possibilities available to you in any given situation.