Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Are You Content?

These are the words my husband asked me the other night out of nowhere. It’s amazing how a simple question can open the faucet and flood you with so many emotions. I didn’t answer, but the tears that filled my eyes said it all. Or did they? I know he wasn’t asking about our relationship because of the conversation we were having before this question.

I sat with it. It was such an awe-inspiring question. I went back and forth with all of the things happening in my life, and I wasn’t ready to answer. So I slept on it.

I woke up the next day and headed into Lyons for my morning run with my dog Gilli. As I entered Lyons, I was struck by the beauty of the rising sun on a huge red rock in the distance and Mike’s words re-appeared, “Are you content?” In that moment, I was so much more than content. “I have manifested all of this,” I thought to myself. If 7 years ago, I could have known that I would be with the love of my life, I would own a home in a town I have dreamed of living in my entire adult life, all my kids would be healthy and thriving, and my work is incredibly fulfilling.  

So, this is my gratitude for the question mark. The question brought me out of the immediate needs that are overwhelming me at times, and lifted my spirit. It reminded my soul that everything is in Divine order.

Life is perpetually growing us in ways we can’t always know, but when we look for the greater miracle in all of it, we merge with the Divine.

In this video, I am giving a talk for all of you who are yearning to find more joy, purpose, inspiration, prosperity and peace, during these transitional times. I will give real life examples and tools to activate your higher consciousness, merging your subconscious and Conscious mind to create a vacuum, to draw more of your good towards you.

In Love and Light,