Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Keeping Your Promises with Yourself: Making the Shift

So many of us spend much of our life distracted and busied by the wants and needs of others. We say to ourselves that one day we will do this or that in our lives. We look forward to that distant point in the future when the whole world will open up and let go of its grip on us and the time will be at hand for adventure, self-love and personal dreams fulfilled.

But it has never been about a distant day where you will finally have the time to take care of yourself. If Heaven is in the very midst of us, then you are the one who needs to launch into your dream of life instead of someone or something else doing it for you.

Ask yourself questions like “What do you want to explore, but haven’t yet?” And “Why not?” Is there something in your heart that you haven’t yet embraced or acted upon? Begin to create an inner dialogue with yourself and the Universe to stimulate the attracting power of ASKING and then you will RECEIVE.

Mark 9:23 says “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Do you believe you are ready to keep your promises with yourself?