Lost Connections: Week 3 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

Lost Connections: Week 3 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

This series is about creating a clear plan and setting goals for long term success in healing relationships, finances, more harmony, more joy and happiness for planting a strong foundations for an awakened 2020!

In the first talk of this series, I spoke to the importance of a forgiveness practice as a pathway for greater good to enter your life. In the second talk, I spoke about the Illumination of Spirit within as a means of drawing more of the unseen realms to you as a Divine Way Shower for direction and purpose.

In this third installment, I will bring to light people’s yearning for more nurturing through giving and receiving. Many people are crying from the inside out for deeper connections with one another, with nature, with Love and God. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems people face in our culture is social media and technological isolation and loneliness. There is a lack of physical community and time spent in the presence of others. One of the greatest upsets I observe in my counseling sessions is people’s loneliness. They wonder where is their tribe? Where is their soul family, their soul mate?

I will speak to this growing epidemic and how one can move through it this somewhat self induced isolation to reconnect to and rejoin your soul community and attract into your life a soul family through ceremony, prayer and other avenues that I will share in this talk.

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