Videos on Modern Spiritual Life (Page 3)

Videos on Modern Spiritual Life (Page 3)

Jesus’ Last Name is Not Christ

Most of us know that we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. But very few of us know about the birth of Christ. If we don’t know there’s is a difference between Christ & Jesus, then we definitely don’t understand the difference between Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ. Yes, those names refer to different things. And this Saturday we will unravel what they are and how it all relates to Christmas.

Trapped in Sense Consciousness

This week, we are exploring Sense Consciousness. We will discuss what it is, what it means to be trapped in it, how that affects the world around us, and what we can do to find our way out of it.

Curiosity is the First Step Down the Path to Awakening

When we stop being curious, we dam up the possibility of a new age, a new creation or dreaming a new world into being. Your life is supposed to feel good to you. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived; and a source of continuous revelation. Join Rev. Syntysche for an inspirational talk about the hidden mysteries waiting to be discovered with your innate sense of curiosity. Syntysche gives witness to some miraculous…

Law & Order

Everything we experience is governed by the system of Divine Law and Order. This system is incorruptible but also largely unnoticed by most people who are still observing the world from their own limited perspective. Are you ready to expand your perspective to begin to see how to live in accordance with Divine Law, as opposed to being in conflict with it?

The Power of Words

God created the universe and life as we know it with a Divine Word, and that power of creation continues on today with each word we speak, sing, sigh, yell, think or mumble. Words have creative power. If we are not continually mindful of that power, we are a mindlessly creating the life and experiences we currently have. Do you know how powerful your words are?

What is “Good”?

When we look at the relative state of goodness that we experience each day, it pales in comparison to the Divine Goodness that is all around us. Rev. Shad discusses why the relative goodness around us is waning and how it compares to the state of Divine Goodness.

Divine Intelligence

Scientists are beginning to discover that the universe might not only be intelligent, but may also be self-aware. If you knew the universe and everything in it was self-aware, would it change the way you live?

Christianity, Spiritually Interpreted

Around 1920 the founders of the Unity movement were put into a position where they needed to decide if Unity was Christianity or not. Their response is what gave clarity and direction to the movement at large and also gives clarity and direction to our lives today.

Learning to Live in the Presence

Learning to Live in the Presence Despite the Turbulence Around Us Is this too tall an order — to veer away from or dodge the draw of joining a culture that is rapidly falling from dignity, honor and justice for all of humanity? In a time where you can find bad news everywhere, from the dangers of our climate to dishonesty reigning over the truth in so many ways–you fill in the blank. You might ask, where is God in…

The Great Awakening

We humans are in the process of Awakening from the “dark night of the soul.” As you will see in the coming months and the years to follow amazing advances in human understanding, applying mystic and spiritual principles to solve mankind’s most pressing problems. Right now many of the Awakened insights are curtailing global warming. Learning to awaken, we all can heal personal problems of every kind. Learn how to awaken from your concerns, fears and limitations. As always, we…

I’m a Child of God! Yes, I Am!

There is an idea that when we become spiritually awake or evolved that life will then be easy and perfect. I haven’t yet met a person on the path that has reached a level where they are sheltered from all of the disturbances of life. I believe this is because life is messy, imperfect, full of change, loss, self- sacrifice, difficult people and hard circumstances. Who are we to say that the difficult stuff isn’t Holy as well? I have…

Divine Awakening – The Earth Within

As the crisis of global warming gains alarming momentum, growing numbers of people are taking action to slow it down and ultimately end it. Of all the actions being proposed to deal with global warming, one, the most powerful and effective, is happening out of sight of most people, because it is a shifting in human consciousness, from ego-centered awareness to divine holistic awareness.  Rev. Jack calls on you to join him in this most powerful deterrent to global warming, an…

Are We Living in a Simulation? Part 1: The Physical Construct

Have you ever felt like your life is not real? Do you think you could be living in a virtual reality? Did you know that this is not a new idea? Rev. Shad discusses these questions from a spiritual perspective and also addresses the idea of “scientism” and the possibility of illusion in the physical world.

Love Will Find You, Break the Chains that Bind You

This message is a continuation of my last two talks on healing the early wounding that blocks our direct connection with Spirit. We will continue on this journey, and reach the next phase of this process, which is the “how to” in overcoming our own brokenness.  Rev. Syntysche has designed this message for those of you who are ready, and want to know how to make a radical change for meeting the powerful life that is waiting for you! When you…

The Three Faces of God: Part 4 – Is Your God You Enough?

Based on the book Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough?: Jesus and the Three Faces of God by Paul R. Smith, this talk series is an in-depth look at how we think about, relate to and experience the Divine presence in our lives. Each week takes us deeper into understanding the three different ways to relate to God and how to incorporate it into our daily routine. In Part 4, Rev. Shad discusses the idea of the inner God.