Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

I’m a Child of God! Yes, I Am!

There is an idea that when we become spiritually awake or evolved that life will then be easy and perfect. I haven’t yet met a person on the path that has reached a level where they are sheltered from all of the disturbances of life. I believe this is because life is messy, imperfect, full of change, loss, self- sacrifice, difficult people and hard circumstances.

Who are we to say that the difficult stuff isn’t Holy as well? I have met people whose spiritual frequency is so high that their energy repels a great deal of difficulty from their lives. However, they still have children who struggle, they have family members in crisis and life circumstances that bring drama to their lives.

I don’t think the path is about finding our fake smile and saying everything is okay because God is “so good.” I feel it is about embracing every aspect of life, leaning into all of it and not denying the imperfection of this experience, yet still committing to our spiritual practice.

First, we have to commune with the Kingdom of God within us, guiding us through the challenges and disturbances with less effort. We can’t change anyone, but we can grow ourselves into a state of awareness that regardless of what is happening around us we can live in peace, we can express from love and we can accept ourselves and others as perfect children of God, whether things happen the way we like it or not.

And affirm: “I’m a child of God, Yes I Am!”

-Rev. Syntysche