Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Our Planet is in the Process of Being Healed

We will watch our planet evolve out of its desolation over the next year and in the years to come. As this is taking place, we will realize that this beautiful transformation is being brought about by the Divine Nature awakening in mankind.

At first some people will claim that the healing of our planet is resulting from technological innovations, but it won’t be long before it is understood that we humans are awakening to the Love, Wisdom and Guidance of God. And we will teach future generations that corruption and pollution in our world are by-products of the corrupt thinking derived from the illusion of separation.

Thus, the earth will emerge from the illusion of separation and dark deeds to the Awareness that we are all (every created thing) connected. This Awakening will give rise to the New (concept of) Heaven and the New (concept of) Earth. For they are One.