Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

The Power of Awareness

Many spiritual people that I have been talking with lately have had in common the same question. Why is this pandemic happening? What is the truth? What is not the truth? What are we supposed to learn from this?

While they are moving in and through these questions, feeling the fear, the worry, the despair and uncertainty of these times, they are encouraged by spiritual experiences through dreams, messages in nature, music and finding themselves surrendering into acceptance — acknowledging that something powerful is happening and letting it unfold however God has planned for it to unfold.

The world is in a sort of a “dark night of the soul” together. And while we are all navigating it in our own ways, something blessed is being born in us for the greater whole.

By bringing the light to the shadowy world, we are illuminating the shadowy world within us. By looking at our judgments and the wounds and reactive patterns behind them, we begin to see through the various veils and blocks to love within our consciousness and the global consciousness. What we become aware of, or bring the light to, can no longer operate unconsciously. That is the power of awareness.

Paul Ferrini