Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

“My Peace I Give To You, Not as the World Gives, I Give To You.”


Join me for a powerful, Palm Sunday Talk  where I will unveil the true metaphysical meaning of the day we commemorate the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem . Many of us are on a dedicated spiritual journey through Lenten and nearing the end of our fast after a little over 5 and half weeks now.  WE did it for greater clarity towards life and the greater understanding of Jesus’ part in our awakening and our walk with Spirit, (God, Source, whatever word, holds you and leads you to the Freedom, and relief you are seeking in mind, body and Spirit.)

The Gospels vividly depict events that occurred in the last days of Jesus’ earthly life.  Whether this Story is about a walk that Jesus took with his 12 Apostles over 2000 years ago, or if it is an allegory that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning about a process that all human beings go through in the most, vividly and beautifully written way.  Palm Sunday has a lot of meaning to Christians, as well as anyone who is on this Spiritual Journey, as we are closing in on the completion of Lent.  This Sunday, we are witnessing the 6th Sunday of Lent.

Join Syntysche, for this heart opening experience, filled with music, a life altering inspiring message filled with all the feels of why we are here, what we are meant to be in this Christ Idea of the human evolution and spiritual awakening.

It is not needed to have walked the Lenten Fast this year to experience a profound unfoldment within you this week.  Invite your friends and family!