‘Awakening to the Ethereal Realm’

‘Awakening to the Ethereal Realm’

Within our physical body is another body usually called the astral, etheric, or spirit body.  This body is an exact replica of our physical body in that it contains eyes, hair hands, legs, and so on.  The big difference between our physical and etheric body  is that the etheric body’s molecules vibrate at a much faster and higher rate than its physical counterpart.  Typically, we can’t see the astral body, although some people are able to see it psychically.

During the transition called death, this etheric body is released or freed from the physical body.  The etheric body has no disease or fatigue that once was a part of the physical body and it has the ability to move from one point to another through thought.

This Sunday’s 9AM MST Meditation service, with be focused on, awakening our super conscious, the subconscious, and the conscious mind.

WE all are constantly picking up spirit impressions in this way, as to embark on the ability to reveal the messages forming through the super conscious–we do this by meditating. Taking any ‘go between’, like a psychic or a medium, out of the scenario and becoming the awakened warrior for second sight and for a direct connection to the ethereal realm so that Spirit’s messages can flow and move through us.

Invite your friends and family!

Awakening With You,



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