Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

‘The Activating Power of Hope’

Hope is an incredible energy, it is a powerful energy.

Hope is not wishing for something to be better, hoping someone else will save us. Hope is actually being able to feel into the light–the future–that we can create. What comes next is particularly important when we are going through challenging stuff.

By all means, you have to give yourself to the challenging stuff, but you also have to remember that this too shall pass. There will be a new path for you and this is very much a message for the collective. Spirit wants you to understand the Active Power of Hope and it’s rising presence on earth. Some of you might be quite galvanized at this point, or quite reassured to see some of the things that are coming out into public consciousness that were previously successfully quite hidden. Some for many decades and some for just a few years.

So the Activating Power of Hope, is actually something that you are going to feel within you. It can bring your heart back into life from a space where you have felt very broken over what you’ve seen going on in the world and in your own life. And the light of Life–its rising presence on earth–is going to continue to be felt more and more.

So remember Hope is something we can carry within us. It is a very active presence that we can use to keep the light and the connection to Spirit in us.

(Some of the Excerpts From The Above Wording, Is From A Reading by Lee Harris, a Spiritual Channeler).

This Sunday, at the 11am service, I will be giving a talk on stepping into the beauty of what God, Source, Spirit has planned for you. For you
to know that there is no way, if you have worked as hard as you have, that you will not be rewarded. You have to believe, that this moment is preparing you for something amazing, that hasn’t happened yet. And keep going, by Activating The Power of Hope.