‘Today’s Manifestation, Calls For You’

‘Today’s Manifestation, Calls For You’

It was the French Doctor Emile Coue who first declared that the imagination is a much stronger force than will power; and that when the imagination and will are in conflict, the imagination always wins out.

Have you ever known a child that believed they had an invisible friend–where they are sitting on their bed, speaking endlessly with them? sharing their toys? talking about school, laughing, when their invisible friend, chimed in and gave a quick one liner, that tickled them to their guts?

Well, I haven’t, but I’ve heard this is a real phenomenon, written in books and frequented in TV shows.
The question I would like to ask, is it an imaginary friend? Or is it a child that has crossed over from the physical realm and is still interacting with the living? And even though the parents can’t see the imaginary friend, who’s to say the living child can’t see them?

The Imagination, in the most inspired minds to the most tired of minds, has the same power to make alive and real the vision, held in mind and meditation, to m

My question for you is, what is calling for you to be manifested through you at this time? Travel? Healing? Love? Abundance? All of the above is calling for you, if you can see it in your mind’s eye and believe it’s possible for you. You can claim it and make it MANIFEST in your life!

Join Syntysche, our Senior Minister, and our own In house, Prosperity Teacher, for this inspiring Talk, on taking hold of this New Year, and claiming what is yours! Invite your friends and family members.

Invite your friends and family!

WATCH LIVE: unityofboulder.com

Every Sunday at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center we strive to bring you an Universal Spiritual Experience that embraces the commonalities of all walks of faith on the spiritual path. We embrace the true spirit of compassion and the universal truths of love and acceptance while preserving the free will of the everyday pilgrim on the spiritual

See You Sunday,

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