A Return to Divine Life

A Return to Divine Life

“Come to me all of you who labor and are heavy laden (weary, worried, fearful, lonely, sick, financially strapped and depressed) says the Lord of Life, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) I will open your mind and heart to a new vision of life and yourself within it. 

I am the light of life within you, and I have waited long for you to turn to me for guidance, healing and love. I am also the Light of the World, they Light that enlightens everyone, as it is clearly stated in the first chapter of the Gospel of John. 

Your entire world is now caught up in a plague, as it was predicted to come upon the world in all the Gospels about me. Yes, I prophesied that if the children of God cease to love one another they will bring plagues, wars, famine, mass murders and madness upon themselves. 

Mankind’s madness is bearing its offal fruit. Mankind’s lust for money has made him deaf to the voice of conscience, my voice. Did I not state through the righteous prophets of bygone times that salvation is not gained by the will of people but by turning from evil of selfishness–and in humble, quiet submission appealing to the Divine Self within you, your True Self. This missive is your calling to return to True Love and serve with me to fashion the New Awareness of Heaven and Earth as One and the Same. This Awareness and the Love it restores for the children of the earth will see you through these man made catastrophes into the New Age of Divine Humanity. 

In this video, we will study the way the master prescribed for our Return To Divine Life.