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The Power of Giving Thanks

The Power of Giving Thanks: Why Gratitude Is Not Just for Good Times But For All Times! 

What you focus on expands…for better or worse. Focus on what’s missing and outside your control and you’ll live as a hostage to self-pity and powerlessness. Focus on all the potential dangers and you’ll live as a hostage to worry and fear. Focus on what’s unfair and how you’ve been wronged and you’ll live as a hostage of resentment and revenge. 

On the other hand…

Focus on all the good in your life, the people you love, on what dwell within you, on the future that inspires you and all you can do to improve it and you will tap into a sense of spiritual power and gratitude, passion and fortitude that would otherwise lay dormant.

Margie Warrell 

Rev. Syntysche gives a heart-and-soul-opening message about how giving comes first. Then how giving thanks and the power of this gratitude practice moves stuck energy into a tangible inflow of health, wealth, love and peace.