I Am: Shaping Your Own Reality

I Am: Shaping Your Own Reality

“I AM” are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shape your reality.

It is written in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary: “The I AM is the metaphysical name of the ‘spiritual self,’ as distinguished from the human self. One is governed by Spirit, the other by personal will. I AM is eternal, without beginning or ending: the true spiritual person whom God made in His image and likeness.”

If we take a moment and meditate on this idea — that the “I Am” is the name of the spiritual self and the greatest name for God, Spirit, Source — then we discover that it is one of the most applicable tools we have in our spiritual tool box for seeing results. In declaring statements about ourselves, like “I Am Enough.” “I Am Loved.” “I Am Flexible.” “I Am Intuitive.” “I Am Happy.” “I Am Prosperous.” “I Am Healed.” we bring the focus from fear and limitation to expansion and freedom!

In this message, I am sharing about the process of capturing what is inherently yours by singing your heart’s deepest chants as loudly as you can, “I AM… (fill in the blank here) !”

In Love & Light,