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“It’s Time to Hit The REFRESH Button”

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Imagine…if you will… you are sitting at a computer screen and it’s frozen with that little round spinning thing called a spinning wait cursor and you have hit the refresh button. Most of the time it warns us that we are going to lose some progress in a program or lose a website–if we choose to continue with refreshing the page we consider whether we can live without the thing it says it’s going to lose or delete itself, before we hit the refresh button.

Sometimes, we are in the same place, mentally, physically or spiritually, when things can feel frozen or spinning out of control, and our thoughts are like the wait cursor, when we don’t know what we can get rid of to make room for the inner system to start working again, freely, effortlessly, beautifully, peacefully.

Sometimes, it’s really important to wait, to to be with, allow the present moment to just be. Being means stopping all of it, allowing for something new to appear in heart and mind.

Exploring, something else in this moment, breathe, breathe deeply, feeling the resonance of your beautiful heart-beat, boom, boom. Boom boom. Rub your arms gently, then your legs, pulling all your mental, physical, and spiritual energy back into this Holy vessel. And then, quiet the mind and center in this NOW moment.

Welcome Back. Welcome home. To your center. To your centered-ness.
Don’t you feel refreshed?

This Sunday at 11am MST, I will be talking about the importance of peace and balance being restored in your life.

In John 14: 27 Jesus says to all of us,
“My Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

In Love & Light,


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