The Importance of Looking Up

The Importance of Looking Up

In a World where we are becoming more and more isolated, spending more time in secret thoughts, there is not as much interaction with others as many of us are caught in the mouse wheel staring down at our phones. We are addicted to seeing our friends and family member’s lives passing by as we hit our like or our dislike about the photo they uploaded and sometimes we really stretch ourselves and even write a comment about it. The world in pictures! 

As we isolate and communicate less, we lose our ability to be vulnerable and present, and are losing the ability to hold a heart to heart conversation. In the past, people understood that human interaction, community, the tribe helping us raise our children was a necessity for health and happiness. By tuning in for more on our little devices, human interaction is disappearing as a culture. It’s little wonder that loneliness is on the rise, which is the number one cause of depression in the west. 

If you think you know someone that is experiencing this kind of separation in their lives, I would ask you to please invite them to church this Sunday, or if it is you, I want to personally invite you to Unity this Sunday, because I believe everyone deserves to be happy and surrounded with meaningful relationships and a place to have spiritual worship. 


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