Your Life as a Work of Art

Your Life as a Work of Art

As I mentioned at the Wednesday Mediation, Art is not manmade.

A painter, a musician, a playwright or a novelist may all know the rudiments of their craft, creating a painting on canvas, or making musical notes through an instrument, or putting different characters together within a plot or story – but the results will never be True Art unless the artist-musician-writer so totally surrenders to the moment-to-moment creation of the work that he/she merges with the work, becomes one with the work – is himself/herself but an instrument through which the Divine Self expresses the painting, music, or novel or play.

Every human endeavor or craft may also become a beautiful work of art, from creating a business to creating a meal, to creating a way of life – YES, A LIFE! YOUR LIFE BECOMES A BEAUTIFUL HARMONIOUS WORK OF ART WHEN IT IS SURRENDERED TO AND GUIDED BY THE ARTIST AND CREATOR WHO LIVES IN YOU, AND WILL LIVE THROUGH YOU. 

As promised,

Jack Groverland



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