Videos by Jack Groverland (Page 3)

Videos by Jack Groverland (Page 3)

Head Minister at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center

The Gift of Awakening

Any gift we could receive from the world will ultimately fail to fulfill us. Deep down we all know this. Still, like pre-programmed robots, we constantly pursue the seeming treasures of the world and wonder why what we gain is never enough. In Truth, there is but one gift that fulfills our lives and it is the gift of Divine Awakening. With this gift we receive a New Vision of Life in the world and the understanding how to live…

The Mystical Truth of the Christmas Story

If Christmas has no other foundation save in sentimentality, pleasant carols and department store imagery, then there is no hope of happiness and peace for you and no hope for our un-sick world. Never before have people been more in need of knowing the mystical revelations in the Christmas Story. These revelations will be accompanied by a life-transforming meditation.

How to Pray Effectively Every Time

Everyone who ever tried to use prayer to ask for something has experienced what appears to be failure. This is not only true in connection with specific things that might be harmful, but also in connection with requests that are strictly in line (with the goals) of A Course In Miracles. A Course In Miracles, Chapter 9 It could be hastily concluded that prayer doesn’t work. The fact is that prayers are always answered, but most people bring such confusion…

A Life Truly Worth Living

What is the One Essential Truth that leads to a Life Truly Worth Living? The Truth that will free you now to live in fearless peace, abundance and happiness is within you. It’s waiting to be acknowledged by you, and once you do, your life will improve immeasurably in every way. I could give this Truth to you in a single sentence, and I have given it to those attending my classes and services countless times. But, I am guided to believe you…

Faith Made Manifest

There is an unseen Presence which is the essential nature of all things, which thinks, guides and acts through those who used faith to find it in themselves.  This is the Lord of enlightened souls — a simple, quiet, all-knowing Presence dwelling as the heir to one’s consciousness but disinherited by an “imposter self” — the ego. We have for so long listened to and served the imposter, we can’t fathom that a higher self, the heir, lies dormant–unattended within us. Now,…

A Simple Mind Healing Yoga

It doesn’t take years or even months to become a spiritual healer and light bearer in our world. But it takes personal devotion to a simple but profound mental practice that enlightens the mind at once. If you’re ready for a new way of life, join Rev. Jack in this practice.

A Peace That Passes Understanding

The Enlightened State of Consciousness bespeaks a peace of mind that is beyond the understanding of the world. It is a mystical peace that is not contingent on circumstances meeting a person’s personal expectation, desires or hopes. Living in this Heavenly Awareness is the stated objective of our spiritual quest, state by the masters down through the ages. Here is master Eckhart Tolle describing this state of mind that The Masters of the Far East call “samadhi”. When you know…

Know Thyself

“Nosce Te Ipsum” These words were inscribed above the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in ancient Greece. In the Temple there was a sacred Oracle that people believed could answer their prayers and solve their problems. No doubt, most people visiting the Temple read the words inscribed over the entrance but missed the deeper Truth they offered – deeper and more life-enhancing than anything the Oracle could possibly offer them. Thus, these ancient Greeks would go on pursuing guidance…

The Great Awakening

We humans are in the process of Awakening from the “dark night of the soul.” As you will see in the coming months and the years to follow amazing advances in human understanding, applying mystic and spiritual principles to solve mankind’s most pressing problems. Right now many of the Awakened insights are curtailing global warming. Learning to awaken, we all can heal personal problems of every kind. Learn how to awaken from your concerns, fears and limitations. As always, we…

Our Planet is in the Process of Being Healed

We will watch our planet evolve out of its desolation over the next year and in the years to come. As this is taking place, we will realize that this beautiful transformation is being brought about by the Divine Nature awakening in mankind. At first some people will claim that the healing of our planet is resulting from technological innovations, but it won’t be long before it is understood that we humans are awakening to the Love, Wisdom and Guidance…

Divine Awakening – The Earth Within

As the crisis of global warming gains alarming momentum, growing numbers of people are taking action to slow it down and ultimately end it. Of all the actions being proposed to deal with global warming, one, the most powerful and effective, is happening out of sight of most people, because it is a shifting in human consciousness, from ego-centered awareness to divine holistic awareness.  Rev. Jack calls on you to join him in this most powerful deterrent to global warming, an…

Vida Illuminada sin Muerte

Las lecturas de Edgar Cayce establecen que debemos continuar entrando y saliendo de la experiencia física de la vida terrenal hasta que superemos la muerte. ¿Y que? ¿Qué quiso decir exactamente Jesús cuando dijo: “Cualquiera que escuche mis palabras y las haga, nunca verá la muerte”? Exploraremos el enfoque probado y verdadero de la vida inmortal, revelado por los Maestros a lo largo de los siglos. Traducción de Rosa Estrada.

Enlightened Deathless Living

Edgar Cayce’s readings state that we must continue to cycle in and out of the physical earth-life experience until we overcome death. Then what? What exactly did Jesus mean when he said, “Anyone who hears my words and does them, will never see death”? We will explore the one tried and true approach to the deathless life, revealed by the Masters down through the ages. 

A One Word Remedy for an Unhappy Life

There is a way to transcend the problems and suffering that confront all humans on the path of life. A fortunate few masters and sages of ancient times discovered this magic word that immediately heals anyone who uses it. Kings and Queens of old offered untold fortunes to anyone who could find and reveal to them the secret word that alleviates suffering. Jesus used this word and stated that anyone using it would never experience all of the useless, unnecessary…

The Transformation is Upon Us

The Transformation is Upon Us! Like everyone who came to me last Sunday when I mentioned the subject of this Talk, I’m asking you to email and text your family members and friends inviting them to watch what will be the most powerful, mind-transforming Talk ever shared at Unity, any Unity, any church or spiritual center anywhere. Yes! In stating this, I am not bragging or exaggerating. As Promised, Jack Groverland

Healing Your Whole Life

While the Truth of Spiritual Healing seems to be a secret ordinary people have not been able to access, I will lay out, step by step, the revelations leading to the “Healing Christ Consciousness” in you.