“What is Spiritual Healing?”

“What is Spiritual Healing?”

In short, every soul who takes on a physical life enters a state of mind almost totally engaged in the consciousness of the 5 senses.  Each soul then perceives himself/herself as a personal body, separate from all other bodies and separate from everything in the physical world surrounding the separate body.   This is not some mistake in the overall creation. However, living a strictly personal body life and the pursuit for happiness and peace of mind fails over and over again because the illusion of separation is a false awareness.  The body-centered awareness is mostly unaware that it is part of the Universal One Mind, God, whose light and love reside in everyone and every created thing.   Thus, for people to find true happiness, peace of mind and love, they must be awakened to the Universal Reality.  This awakening in mind establishes the love and compassion for everyone and every living thing because they are all part of the Universal Self we share.   This Sunday, Norma and I will be leading the 9AM MST Service in person, designed specifically to help people recognize and enter the Universal Consciousness.


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