“Spirit and You”

“Spirit and You”

Remember this:  Desire in the heart for anything is God’s sure promise sent before-hand to indicate that, it is yours already in the limitless realm of supply, and whatever you want you can have for the taking. – Emily Cady

Sometimes we feel discouraged and may ask questions like, “why, when I have been focusing on something that I really need to shift, in order for me to attract that which I’m desiring, it seems like nothing works?”

I can share from my own experience, that something is being stirred up in you, there is another step, for a greater unfoldment for your soul’s growth.  Something so powerful, that until it is revealed, healed and held by you, the blocks between you and your desire will stay in place. Not because God is keeping it from you, but because you are far more than your current perception of yourself. When you are trying to attract something so new, and you are going about it, from an old set of ideas or limited self-belief systems, the great shift you are looking for from the external will only shift first from the internal process.

Join Syntysche this Sunday, for a powerful talk on becoming the true self, that is un-stoppable in this abundant Universe.  This will be the 2nd talk of a 4 part series on Spirit and You. 


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