Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

The Gratitude Effect

“Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the Universe.” Neal Donald Walsh

You may say to yourself, I wish I didn’t take life so seriously and miss out on all the beauty that is at hand.

You may say to yourself, I wish I gave more happiness to my family or I wish I lived as though life was precious!

“It is in your allowing that attracts all things to you. When you sit in gratitude for all that you are and have then the Universe rushes in and gives you more of that harmonious alignment you have achieved.” Abraham

Your life, although perhaps filled with many imperfections, is still an experience. It’s an experience that people in their final moments would do anything just to grasp onto for a little while longer.

Don’t you know that your life can be transformed by a mind that sees differently?

In this Sermon, Syntysche shares some magical and funny examples on how you can spiritually choose to set yourself up for the greatest Season of all.